Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Series: The Iron Fey #1
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Released: January 19th, 2010
Received: Library

3 1/2 kitties

Yet another read that I am long overdue for! The Iron King is the first novel in Julie Kagawa’s oft talked about Iron Fey series. With a new addition to the series on the way, now seemed like a good time to finally dive on in.

There was a time when Meghan Chase thought she was an ordinary girl. Minus the fact that her father disappeared – that is. That illusion is about to be torn apart, as the things that go bump in the night force their way into her world.

Now, she’s going to enter a world of magic and imagination, with her prankster best friend by her side. The real question is, what will she come up against in the process, and what are her odds of survival?

“Metallic trees. That’s new. If you see any steel dryads, be sure to tell me so I can run away screaming.”

The Iron King is a fast-paced start to this series, and has already gone a long way in explaining why there have been so many additions to it. Meghan’s adventure is quick and tense, and she’s going to have a lot more to learn in order to survive this world.

I’m not going to lie, I really do wish that I had read this series sooner. Not just for the obvious reasons, but because I feel like my younger self would have enjoyed the read even more. It’s a bit depressing to think about it like that, isn’t it?

The Iron King leans more towards the younger side of Young Adult fiction. Meghan is sixteen, but there are times where she feels even younger. As such, a younger audience will likely identify with her more (see why I wish I had read it when I was younger?). Still, adults can appreciate the situation and the world, even without agreeing with all of her thoughts and plans.

“Ladies and Felines,” he stated grandly, grasping the doorknob, “Welcome to Tir Na Nog. Land of endless winter and shitloads of snow.”

I love the world, I really do. It’s not quite a typical fae world – and that makes it all the better, in my mind. Kagawa felt confident enough to infuse her own imagination into the world – literally, as the case may be. I can’t wait to see how that spirals in future novels.

On that note, I’ve already requested The Iron Daughter (as well as the next three books) from the library, so time for me to get back to reading!

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