Welcome to my blog! I’m Cat, aka Quirky Cat, aka Liz. I write for Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks (of Books), Quirky Cat’s Comics, The Book Review Crew, and Monkeys Fighting Robots. I love books in all forms – hardcover, paperback, audiobook, comic, etc. You hand it to me, and I’ll probably read it. Just maybe not in the time frame you’re looking for!

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About me:


I feel like this is the appropriate section to properly introduce myself, so let me get all the boring details out of the way: I live on the South Shore, love to garden, and am the current owner of three cats (though we all know who’s the boss around here). I started reviewing a few years ago, mostly because I was inspired by an ARC I was lucky enough to win. It occurred to me that I could be doing more with my love of books. It’s never been my goal to turn reviewing into a full-time (or paid) gig – more as a way to justify all the time (and money) I spend on books.

My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, though I frequently read thrillers (a close second favorite) and other genres. I’ve been trying hard to branch out of these genres, but I always come back to my staples. Some of my favorite authors include (but not limited to) Ilona Andrews, Seanan McGuire, Tamsyn Muir, Faith Hunter, Brindi Quinn, and Martha Wells. Yes, I could list another two hundred authors and still have room for more. That’s the life of a reader, right?

I read and review ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), recently published books, randomly found books and everything in between. Most of the ARCs I get are through NetGalley, but I will always do my best to note the source of my ARC. As for where I get most of my published copies? A good majority I bought or obtained from the library. Any book received in exchange for a review will have a note. As a book hoarder, it isn’t difficult for me to find new books to review – the TBR stack is deep, and I’m sometimes afraid to look at it.

Street Teams:

I am currently a member of several street teams. As these take a fair amount of commitment, I’m trying to keep the number in the single digits. Currently, I’m a proud member of the Genie Squad (Brindi Quinn), Beast Claws (Faith Hunter), The Silvered Street Team (Roshani Chokshi), and LM’s Ravenous Pack (LM Preston). I’m open to joining more, especially for newer authors that could use the extra help, so feel free to reach out! But again, I’m trying to keep this number down, so no promises.

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Behind the Scenes Crew:

While my furry crew may not appear much on the blog, trust that they are ever-present. I work hard to keep them happy and fed – which means they control my life. Sometimes that means there’s a fluffy butt on the book I want to read. Other times it means being the bottom of a cuddle puddle.