Review: The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories Anthology

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories: A Collection of Chinese Science Fiction and Fantasy in Translation from a Visionary Tea of Female and Nonbinary Creators
Authors: Xiu Xinyu, Count E., Xia Jia, Shen Dacheng, Anna Wu, Jing Tsu, Zhao Haihong, Wang Nuonuo, R.F.Kuang, BaiFanRuShang, Yilin Wang, Ling Chen, Gu Shi, Nian Yu, Emily Xueni Jin, Shen Yingying, Chen Qian, Chu Xidao, Gigi Chang, Chi Hui, Xueting C. Ni
Editors: Yu Chen, Regina Kanyu Wang
Translator: Judy Yi Zhou, Mel “etvolare” Lee, Cara Healey, Carmen Yiling Yan, Ru-PingChen, R.F.Kuang, Yilin Wang, Judith Huang
Released: March 8, 2022
Received: NetGalley

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I sincerely believe that The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories Anthology is the biggest work of love and passion I’ve seen in quite some time. This anthology collects nineteen short stories exploring Chinese science fiction and fantasy.

The thing I love the most about The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories Anthology, other than the obvious (it is a brilliant collection of stories), is that the creative team is all either female or nonbinary. I love this representation. More, please!

Calling them a collection of short stories is incorrect. There are fictional short stories in here, yes. But there are also reflective and informative essays included in this anthology (see the complete list below). That was a surprise for me, but a pleasant one.

What I loved the most about The Way Spring Arrives because it is a beautiful blend of fantastical stories and informative pieces. As with any anthology, some were stronger than others, and I naturally fell in love with one (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe being my favorite). Overall, I loved the insight and perspectives made available by this collection and strongly urge other fantasy lovers to give it a try.

The Stars We Raised by Xiu Xinyu, translated by Judy Yi Zhou
The Tale of Wude’s Heavenly Tribulation by Count E, translated by Mel “etvolare” Lee
What Does the Fox Say by Xia Jia,
Blackbird by Shen Dacheng, translated by Cara Healey
The Restaurant at the end of the Universe: Tai-Chi Mashed Taro by Anna Wu, translated byCarmen Yiling Yan
The Futures of Gender in Chinese Science Fiction by Jing Tsu
Baby, I Love You by Zhao Haihong, translated by Elizabeth Hanlon
A Saccharophilic Earthworm by BaiFanRuShuang, translated by Ru-Ping Chen
The Alchemist of Lantian by BaiFanRuShang, translated by Ru-Ping Chen
The Way Spring Arrives by Wang Nuonuo, translated by Rebecca F. Kuang
Translation as Retelling: An Approach to translating Gu Shi’s “To Procure Jade” and Ling Chen’s” The Name of the Dragon” by Yilin WangThe Name of the Dragon by Ling Chen, translated by Yilin Wang
To Procure Jade by Gu Shi, translated by Yilin Wang
A Brief History of Beinakan Disasters as told in a Sinitic Language by Nian Yu, translated by Ru-Ping Chen
Is There Such a Thing as Feminine Quietness? A Cognitive Linguistics Perspective by Emily Xueni Jin
Dragonslaying by Shen Yingying, translated by Emily Xueni Jin
New Year Painting, Ink and Color on Rice Paper, Zhoaqiao Village by Chen Qian, translated by Emily Xueni JinThe Portrait by Chu Xidao, translated by Gigi Chang
The Woman Carrying a Corpse by Chi Hui, translated by Judith Huang
The Mountain and the Secret of their Names by Wang Nuonuo, translated by Rebecca F. Kuang
Net Novels and the “She Era”” How Internet Novels opened the door for Female Readers and Writers in China by Xueting Christine Ni
Writing and Translation: A Hundred Technical Tricks by Rebecca F. Kuang

Thanks to and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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