Blog Tour & Review: True Dead by Faith Hunter

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Series: Jane Yellowrock #14
Author: Faith Hunter
Publisher: Ace
Released: September 14th, 2021
Received: NetGalley
Warnings: Gore, violence

The time has finally come! Jane Yellowrock #14, True Dead, is in my hands, and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. Seriously, I think the neighbors heard me squealing with delight. Written by Faith Hunter, our vampire hunter turned Dark Queen is back for yet another adventure, and this time the stakes (pun intended) are higher than ever.

Jane Yellowrock, otherwise known as the Dark Queen, was supposed to be spending some much needed time up in the mountains. Instead of a nice calm time up there, she and her people are surprised by a sneak attack – one that launches a whole new series of deadly events.

We all knew that Jane’s crown and title wouldn’t go uncontested. Not with so many power-hungry vampires – and especially not while the European vamp threat still lingered. Which means it’s time for this queen to prepare for battle.

“Beast did not worry as stupid humans worried. But Beast feared Beast had missed important thing.”

True Dead is arguably one of my most anticipated reads, not just of the series but this year. I literally counted down the days until I could finally sit down and read this beauty. And I know that I’m not the only one.

It is time to take all of your expectations and assumptions, bundle them neatly into a little box, and dump them in the trash. Because there is no way, those expectations will live up to reality. Faith Hunter delivered big time, proving once again that her novels will always be worth the wait.

Admittedly, the last few years have been rather difficult for Jane Yellowrock fans. The status of certain characters has been left up in the air, and it has been a very delicate form of torture, having to wait and see how it would all unfold. That just made True Dead’s release all the sweeter.

“On second thought, I’d like tea.”

“Too late. You had your chance. I don’t negotiate. I just bust skills, break arms, and collect vamp heads.”

I am constantly blown away by Faith Hunter’s writing. Her character design and worldbuilding are to die for. Her worlds have always been expansive and fascinating (as any world with magical creatures should be), but I feel like lately, she’s really been upping the ante. It makes me all the more excited to see what will be in store for readers next.

Likewise, the characters are pure perfection. Not literally, of course. Perfect characters are boring characters. Every character in Jane Yellowrock’s world feels very real, from the characters we love to the ones we love to hate.

There were some fresh faces in this novel, which is always a delight. And there are several character arcs in particular that really caught my attention, especially when combined with all of the politics of the world.

Consider yourselves warned: this is a book that will demand all of your attention, even after you’ve read the final page. I speak from experience here, having already read True Dead twice (and with full intentions of reading it a third time before the week is out).

Thanks to Ace, Let’s Talk Promotions, and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • 3 winners will receive a signed manuscript revision page


Excerpt from True Dead:

Excerpt #4


Beast growled low, showed killing teeth again, eyes still on Koun. Sat with cow meat between claws. Ripped cover off meat and spat to floor. Tore meat off. Ate. Swallowed. Ate chunks. Water-blood ran across floor.

“You are angry. So, the messy kitchen is a lesson for Eli. What are you going to do to George? Hack up a hairball onto his pillow?”

Beast chuffed. Ate more meat. Belly was full. Dead cow meat was gone.

“Tell me, Vengeful Cat. Would you like to join the vampire hunters? The Chief strategist of Clan Yellowrock would be happy to follow you into battle.”

Beast ear tabs perked high. Venge-ful Cat. Was good name. Beast nodded as human does.

“Do you go in cat form, or do you shift into Jane?”

Most vampires and humans in Winter Court of Dark Queen did not know the I/we of Beast was not always Jane. Most did not know how to talk to not-human-forms. Koun knew how to talk but did not always act with knowledge. Koun asked two questions at one time. Could only ask one. Beast waited. Stared at Koun.

Koun pursed lips, thinking. “Do you hunt vampires in cat form?”

Beast licked paws and muzzle free of blood, rough tongue getting all blood and meat-bits from paws and toes and off pelt. Shook head no.

“Shift then. I’ll weapon up.” Koun turned and left kitchen, closing door softly.

Beast looked at office area. Met Brute eyes, blue as sun on ice. Brute shook head and went back to big mattress in office corner. Turned three times and curled into ball with lizard. Beast raced up stairs and into sleeping room. Went to place where Bruiser kept clothes. Nosed open door. Found Bruiser best shoes for dancing. Carried one to empty room and hid in empty closet. Could bite holes in dead-cow-skin-shoes with killing teeth, but did not want to make Bruiser sigh. Hiding shoe was enough. Chuffed. Padded back to bedroom, to bathroom, and leaped into place where humans lay in hot water. Was cold on Beast belly. Took claws off of Jane.

What the heck are you doing? Jane shouted at Beast.

Beast reached into Jane skinwalker magics and thought about Jane half form. Did not know what would happen when shifted. Did not know what form I/we would be. Most of Jane people did not know of Jane shifting problems. Some knew secret. Beast liked secrets. All cats liked secrets.  

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  3. Brenda says:

    Great review! I can’t wait until Sept. 14th to get my own copy!


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