Review: Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

Author: Jess Kidd
Publisher: Atria Books
Released: February 4th, 2020
Received: Own (BOTM)

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Who doesn’t need an atmospheric read in their life? Things in Jars, written by Jess Kidd, is a novel that captured my attention for a variety of reasons. The described setting, the female detective as the leading lady, and so much more.

Bridie Devine is both famous and infamous. She’s an extraordinary detective, and specializes in the odd cases. The cases that nobody else wants to take. The ones that have lives on the line, or are too cold to otherwise be solved.

Set in Victorian London, this status of hers comes with bragging rights. Yet her latest case, the case of a kidnapped girl, is going to be the toughest one to crack. It’s going to take the help of two unique figures in her life to get through this one.

“Stories, particularly the bad ones, are told in their own time.”

I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to start reading Things in Jars. It’s been on my list for almost a year now, I’m a bit ashamed to admit. So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t end up loving this book the way I expected.

That isn’t to say that it’s a bad novel – far from it. Jess Kidds’ writing is beautiful and captivating. There’s something so unique about the way she described the world around Bridie. Yet at the same time, I found myself struggling to pay attention to the story itself.

Which really is a surprise, as there were several mysteries laid out fairly early on that I really wanted to know the answers to. I simply just kept finding myself distracted, as the in between moments didn’t hold my attention to the same levels.

“This is a practical woman, or at least a woman who finds it practical to be able to fit through doorways, climb stairs, and breathe.”

All of that being said, I did adore certain elements about this tale. The main character, for one. The personal mystery she was steeped in, as well as the one she was hired to solve. Then there’s the world, which is simultaneously fascinating and kind of dark – the best combination, if you ask me. The end result is something so delightfully atmospheric.

Last, but not least, there’s the reason for the title of this novel. Now, that one packs quite the punch! It isn’t every day that I see a title that is so lovely, yet hints at something so…twisted? It’s pretty on point for the whole of this story.

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