Review: Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: Alpha & Omega #4
Publisher: Ace
Released: March 3rd, 2015
Received: Own
Warnings: Child death, kidnapping

One of my goals in 2021 is to finally get caught up/read many of the series I’ve been meaning to for years. What better place to start, than getting caught up in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha & Omega series? (I’m up to date with Mercy Thompson).

Dead Heat is the fourth novel in this series, which I believe makes it the eleventh book in the Mercy Thompson world. Obviously, it’s set in the same world, but follows two different characters: Anna and Charles.

This is the first time that Charles and Anna have gone anywhere that wasn’t related to a mission. Charles just had a wake-up call, and that means it’s time to go visit an old friend before it’s too late. Naturally, not even a vacation can go smoothly for this pair.

There’s a Fae hunting children in the territory they’re visiting, and these two wolves are not the sort to let that slide. Especially not when those they care about are being directly affected by it. Now, they must hunt the Fae in return, while also dealing with supernatural and human politics. All before it’s too late.

“But that is the dual gift of love, isn’t it? The joy of greeting and the sorrow of good-bye.”

It has been far too long since I set aside some time to read about Charles and Anna. I forgot how much I love their dynamic, it’s endearing and powerful all in one go. Naturally, that means I enjoyed Dead Heat a fair bit. To say the least!

One of the things I love about this series is that it really isn’t afraid to show the darker side of the world – be it human, werewolf, fae, or something else that goes bump in the night. It makes for a heavier read, sure. But it also feels so thematically appropriate.

That being said, Dead Heat is probably not a read that everyone will enjoy. It revolves heavily around a Fae that hunts children, and the history of which is…disturbing. Let’s leave it at that, for now. I adored the portrayal of fae lore and rules in this novel, being both dark and steeped with legend.

“Too much knowledge can make you paranoid all the time,”

At first, I was feeling a little conflicted about the…personal dilemma that Anna and Charles were going through. It seemed like there was an obvious path for them to follow, and it felt almost hurtful that they weren’t talking about it – let alone considering it. Thankfully, this subject did eventually get brought up, much to my satisfaction. So if you find yourself in the same boat, it does get better (and yes, I am trying to be at least slightly vague so I don’t spoil things).

Ohh! I almost forgot! The horses! Dead Heat is full to the brim of horse terminology and adoration, which brings with it major bonus points in my book. I know that I won’t be the only one feeling that way, so enjoy!

Next up on the Alpha & Omega read through is Burn Bright. I can’t wait to get started!

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