Review: Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Author: Seanan McGuire
Series: InCryptid #1
Publisher: DAW
Released: March 6, 2012
Received: Own

4 kitties

How have I not read this series before now? InCryptid combines all of my favorite things: lore, creatures from mythology, and Seanan McGuire’s writing. Seriously, what more could I have asked for?

Discount Armageddon is the very first novel in the InCryptid series, with number ten due out before the month is over. So now seems like a perfectly good time for me to fix my oversight, and binge the entire series in one go.

Verity Price is a woman with many talents, and passions. First and foremost, she’s a Cryptozoologist. Meaning that she studies and hunts all the things that go bump in the night. Or broad daylight. She only hunts the beings that disrupt the natural ecosystem, and those that hunt when they shouldn’t.

It’s a family trade, one she was born and bred for. But it’s not her only passion. You see, Verity also loves to dance, and making those two halves of her life work is easier said than done. Especially when a massive Cryptid enters her city and causes some chaos.

“There’s no such thing as a normal life. Some lives are just more interesting than others, and we shouldn’t judge people for being boring.”

Guys, I had such a blast reading Discount Armageddon. It was a quick and fun read, sure, but that is far from being a bad thing. Very is such a hilarious and endearing character, and Seanan McGuire’s quirky writing really had an opportunity to shine through here.

While there are certainly serious points in this book, overall it is a lighter and more casual series full of magical and mythical critters. It’s witty and full of surprising characters, all of whom have their own (very strong) personalities. Honestly, I can’t wait to dive into the next book and learn more about them.

“Self-defense teaches you to kick-ass. Ballroom dancing teaches you to do it in heels.”

But for now, I’ll try to focus on the present. Discount Armageddon. Verity, aka Very, really makes for a unique leading lady. She loves the study of Cryptids, as does her whole family. They’re not hunters, and stand in stark contrast to an organization that sees anything as inhuman as a blight.

Seeing the world through her lens is fascinating, especially as she lets her passion for dance color the world. It’s a unique combination, one that really adds a lot of personality to the series. I can already see how this might be a source of conflict and hilarity in later novels as well.

This was a strong introduction into this world, giving us plenty of opportunites to see the good and bad that both humans and monsters have to provide in this world, and what can happen when the two come into conflict.

Major bonus points for the Aeslin mice, they are a treasure that I will always hold onto. Now onto Midnight Blue-Light Special! Can’t wait to see what happens there.

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