Review: Starborn by Katie MacAlister


Author: Katie MacAlister
Series: Born Prophecy #2
Publisher: Rebel Base Books
Released: December 10th, 2019
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 4 kitties

I received a copy of Starborn through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Starborn is the second novel in Katie MacAlister’s Born Prophecy series. Following the events in Fireborn – our leading characters are now faced with a world that has seemingly accepted peace. And yet Deo is still being held prisoner, and they have yet to complete the set of tasks at hand.

Allegia is Fireborn, a lightweaver and a stubborn yet amusing woman. She’s determined to follow her new path in life, and doesn’t regret leaving behind her monastery. She finally has the life she’s always wanted, and is able to use her powers for their intended purpose.

Hallow is the Starborn. He’s also Allegria’s lover, and has somehow become the leader for something much larger than a simple movement. He’s determined to work alongside Allegria to save their friend, Deo. Meanwhile, poor Deo has been captured and taken to the shadowlands of Eris.


“I didn’t dare glance behind me to see how close the spirits were, having had ample proof from my brief skirmish with the thane to know that spirits can move very quickly when they choose to do so.”

Spoiler Warning

I am so glad that I took a risk and ended up reading Starborn. I didn’t end up loving Fireborn, but I had decided that Starborn would be worth giving a chance anyway. And it was absolutely the right decision.

Starborn was everything I wanted from Fireborn. It was intense, full of fantasy and magic, and more than a little bit of amusement and laugher. That’s the balance I’ve come to expect from Katie MacAlister. And that is exactly what was given to me here.

I honestly think that Starborn has to be one of the more entertaining novels I’ve read this year. Deo, Hallow, and Allegria’s quest was epic, of course. But it was also inane and full of moments that cause a break in the tension. And okay, they also leave plenty of room for laughter as well. It was exactly what I was looking for. And it’s a perfect break from all of the heavy and foreboding books out in the wild.

If you’ve found yourself hesitating about picking up Starborn (because you didn’t enjoy Fireborn all that much), I strongly urge you to give Starborn a try. Hopefully, you’ll find the risk worth it, just like I did.

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