Review: Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Dead Witch WalkingAuthor: Kim Harrison
Series: The Hollows #1
Publisher: Harpertouch
Released: July 1st, 2004
Received: Own
Rating: 4 1/2 kitties

Dead Witch Walking is the first novel in The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. It’s a world of magic, with witches, vampires, and werewolves becoming the norm among the normal humans (well, relatively normal).

Naturally, in a world this full of supernatural beings, there must be different organizations to help control and regulate them. Enter Interlander Security. They’re the police department of the supernatural world. Rachel Morgan is one of many employees, and all she wants with her life is to find a way out of it all.

Rachel Morgan is a witch, and a slightly chaotic one at that. Or perhaps it’s her preferred job that is chaotic. She’s decided to become a magical bounty hunter, alongside her two partners, Ivy and Jenks. Ivy is a living vampire, while Jenks is a pixy. And both are essential in regards to getting the job done and keeping Rachel alive.

I should probably mention that I’ve already read The Hollows series (several times), but I recently noticed that I never actually reviewed them. So in preparation for the next Hollows book (so excited!) I’m going to do a reread and review run. But since this is one of my favorite series, I have no problem doing just that. So let’s begin!


“Better to die knowing my enemies then to die sleeping innocently beside them”

Spoiler Warning

Dead Witch Walking is a brilliantly funny and fascinating introduction to a world I’ve come to love. The complicated system of magical beings captivated me from the start, and with good reason. Rachel may be a sassy witch, but she’s our sassy witch, and I adore her.

This novel kicks off the first of the series, quickly introducing us to the world, the characters, and the plot. Since the series is fourteen books long (and counting!) it’s safe to assume that the plot will grow with time. That’s how a series should be.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this novel is all of the quick-witted banter. Rachel in particular, though I’m still laughing about some of Jenks more colorful swears and exclamations. They’re certainly memorable.

Dead Witch Walking was a rapid start to a long-running series. And it sure left its mark. Old fans and new fans are sure to enjoy the chaos contained within these pages.

Rereading Dead Witch Walking, I was quickly reminded of all the reasons why The Hollows became one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series out there. It’s vivid and beautiful, while also not being afraid to get its hands dirty.

Going back to the beginning, I was struck by just how young Rachel and her friends seem here. It may seem weird to put it in those terms, but trust me. These characters have grown so much during their series. And not just those three, but many of the secondary characters as well.

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  1. Tessa says:

    This series sounds so fun!!! ❤️. It kind of reminds me of Gina LaManna’s Magic and Mixology Mystery series.


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