Review: Shadow Frost by Coco Ma

Shadow FrostAuthor: Coco Ma
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Released: October 1st, 2019
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 4 kitties

I received a copy of Shadow Frost through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Shadow Frost is the first novel in a series of the same name by Coco Ma. It’s a fantasy world where nothing is what it appears to be, yet our main characters will have to do whatever it takes to save their kingdom.

In a world where magic and gods interfere on the regular, a demon has been terrorizing and murdering the people. And it’s up to Princess Asterin to stand up to this beast – and find the cause behind its appearance.

Asterin Faelenhart is the Princess of Axaria, and she’s one driven and unique princess. She’s magically gifted, determined to find her own path in life, and so much more. She’s everything a little girl would want to see in a princess; she’s feisty and sassy, and let’s not forget that she’s powerful as well.

Luna is a complicated character, and the best friend of Asterin. She’s also her lady in waiting, and she’s got so much more to her plot than meets the eye.

Orion is the guardian protector of Asterin, which means he has his hands full. It may be his job to put his life on the line for the princess, but it is a task he’ll willingly do again and again. Just so long as it means she and everyone else he cares for will be okay.

Quinlan is a royal soldier, and while it’s tempting to assume he’s a faceless and nameless character among many, there is actually so much more to his character. Even if he has to fight to prove himself.

Eadric is a unique character. Strong and silent, yet sassy to the brim. He’s a man of many contradictions. He’s not quite like anything you’d expect, while also being exactly what readers hoped for.

Rose, like Eadric, is full of secrets. She knows more about what is happening in this world, and she’s got a plan for how to help stop it.


“’A task?’ The creature’s eyes glazed over in obedience even as the words left its mouth.

‘A shadow. I need you to be a shadow… A shadow of death.’”

Spoiler Warning

Shadow Frost is Cocoa Ma’s debut novel, and she did a splendid job with this piece. It was a fast paced novel, full to the brim of characters with their own goals and ambitions. The world itself was expansive and complex, and left me desperate to see more of it.

Because there were so many characters in this novel, it did take a while to introduce all of them, and their importance to the main plot. It was fascinating seeing how they all connected together, and more importantly, how their roles changed as the story progressed.

I adore the world in Shadow Frost, along with all of the politics and scheming that went along with it. I honestly can’t wait to see what the next novels will reveal, as I’m sure it’ll be equally dramatic and enticing.

There were some romantic subplots strewn throughout the novel, but nothing that readers would find overwhelming. More like they’re in the budding stages – with plenty of room to progress in later novels. They certainly were distracting from the main plot at all. And in all likelihood, fans will each find a ship they chose to hang on to.

Shadow Frost was such a fun read. I’m almost sad I finished it as quickly as I did. It sort of feels like I should have savored it just a bit more. But I just couldn’t help myself! Now I’m stuck waiting for news about a sequel. But it was worth it!

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