Review: Sweep of the Heart by Ilona Andrews

Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #5
Author: Ilona Andrews (Ilona & Andrew Gordon)
Publisher: Indie
Released: December 13, 2022
Received: Own

Can we just take a moment to dance and celebrate the release of Sweep of the Heart? This series is phenomenal!

Book Summary:

Dina Demille and Sean Evans are Innkeepers. They keep the peace, maintain secrecy, and protect their guests – at all costs. Yet Gertrude Hunt seems to be gaining a reputation of sorts, as they consistently take upon the most dangerous of situations.

Gertrude Hunt will be the new location of a famous spousal selection – of intergalactic proportions. The stakes are high, but Dina and Sean need to do this. It is the only way they’ll be able to save their friend.

My Review:

They’ve done it again! House Andrews has written another brilliant Innkeeper novel, and I am here for it! This makes the fifth book in the series, and I sincerely hope many more will come!

It’s been a while since we’ve spent time at Gertrude Hunt, so it was pleasant to come back and enjoy their adventures. However, I don’t think any readers could have anticipated the scale for Sweep of the Heart. It is, forgive the pun, out of this world.

To say this was a dramatic read would be an understatement. We had politics, plotting, romance (a la the bachelor), and more. So much more! The biggest thing, for me, was how this latest addition to the series really began to delve into the mystery and secrets we’ve been dying to understand. We still have many questions to answer (along with a few new ones thrown into the mix), but I’m thrilled with what we’ve been given so far.

As with all of the Innkeeper series, Sweep of the Heart was originally updated every week on the Ilona AnAdrews blog. Unlike the others (thus far), it was HIGHLY interactive, letting readers vote on their favorite spousal contenders as we went along. It was a blast and a half to experience. If you missed out this time around, I highly recommend you sign up for updates from the blog so you don’t miss out the next time!

Long story short – Sweep of the Heart was everything readers could have hoped for. Go read it!


  • Sentient building
  • Urban fantasy
  • Intergalactic Bachelor
  • Space hedge-hog chief
  • Super important house cat
  • Space werewolves
  • Magical inn
  • Ongoing Series

Trigger Warnings:

  • Animal death
  • Stalking
  • Abuse

Audiobook Review:

Narrator: Nora Sofyan

Since I absolutely fell in love with Sweep of the Heart (no pun intended, but appreciated), I jumped at the chance to listen to the audiobook version. Narrated by Nora Sofyan, this novel once again swept (heh) me off my feet.

I’ll stop kidding around – Nora Sofyan did a brilliant job bringing the characters to life. I was delighted with her portrayal of our main characters, not to mention the many (many) secondary characters and cameos. It added a whole new layer to the world. Now I’m going to have to go back and listen to the rest of this series on audiobook because, clearly, I’ve been missing out!

Thanks to NYLA and #NetGalley for making this (audio)book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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