Review: Upgrade by Blake Crouch

Author: Blake Crouch
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Released: July 7, 2022
Received: Own (BOTM)
Warnings: Pandemic-like situation

3 1/2 kitties

I have a confession. I’ve had Blake Crouch’s Recursion sitting on my shelf for years now, and I still haven’t gotten around to it. But when Upgrade was released, I couldn’t resist picking it up! Unlike Recursion, I got around to Upgrade pretty quickly.

Logan Ramsay is part of a controversial team. Some people love the work they do, while others will fight to their dying breath to stop them. Logan is part of a team of people who track down scientists that study and alter genomes.

The irony of Logan’s career isn’t lost on him when Logan finds his own body hacked by the very science he’s sworn to stop. Now Logan is on the run, and his newly hacked body and mind have provided him with a unique yet powerful opportunity.

“You can’t kill humanity to save humanity. Human beings are not a means to an end.”

Hrm. If I had only one sentence to describe Upgrade, I would say that it makes you think. It’s a creative novel that tackles modern science, morals, and ethics, all in one fell swoop. And let us not forget the thriller elements, which add much to the aesthetic of this story.

There were times when Upgrade reminded me a lot of Gattica, with the whole debate (read: ban) on genetic modification. Granted, both stories deviate strongly from the public’s opinion on the matter, but it kept popping into my mind.

Logan is a tortured character, to say the least. His backstory essentially forced him into a position where he hunts scientists, and boy, does he feel conflicted about that fact! I appreciated the brutal honesty of his position, and that was all before the plot kicked off.

Once the main event occurred, I found myself uncertain of how to feel. Logan changes a lot throughout this novel, for good or for ill. It opens the door to plenty of debates, which I appreciate. However, it also felt…rushed?

It was fun seeing a sci-fi/thriller take on modern issues and concerns. I always love it when an author can portray these concerns in a mature way. It makes me want to go back and read Recursion (I swear, I’m planning on it!).

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