Realm Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13

Regrouping In Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13

Jessica Jones’ case is creeping ever closer towards a conclusion in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13. To think, it all began when she agreed to find a missing person. Only, now things have gotten much darker for our sassy heroine.

In the last episode, Jessica Jones had found herself in a bit of a sticky situation, alongside one of the flares trying to help her out. The two proved to be a solid team, found a way out – with vital evidence to boot.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is the third Marvel series to launch on Serial Box. Each Thursday, a new episode drops, continuing Jessica’s investigation and all of the drama that goes with it. Also worth noting, the episodes can either be read or listened to (or an amalgam of both).

Midnight Train

The tension continues to rise in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13. Vita Ayala took charge once again for this episode, resulting in a blend of tension, humor, and brilliant character development. All of it surrounds our favorite leading lady and her allies (new and old).

It really is true, too. There are more cameos in this episode (well, more repeats of cameos at least) and giving Sam (a new favorite of mine) some time to shine. All of this worked wonders in showing off Jess’s human side. You know, the side she tries to hide all the time?

While most of the episode is undoubtedly focused on resolving the problem (plotting to take down the bad guys), a few moments of humor are found. More accurately, there’s one scene that surprised me into laughing out loud. It was lovely and exactly what was needed to help release some of that tension.

With only three episodes left in the series, this one played its role perfectly. You can see how the final scenes/battles are being set up here, and it’s already looking to be quite dramatic. Personally, while I’ll be sad to see the season end, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up.


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13 was narrated by Fryda Wolff, as with the rest of the series so far. I honestly think that this series would not have been the same without her. She does bring Jess’ story to life – as well as the characters who find themselves revolving around her.

It’s worth noting that there are several characters with lines in this episode, all conversing with one another. Wolff kept up with all of that while keeping the characters distinct. In fact, it was a lot of fun listening to them all interact in such a way.

My favorite part of the audio for this week has to be how much emotion she could infuse into her voice. Sam’s confusion, Jessica’s complex cocktail of emotions she was going through. All of it. It brought the scenes to life.


I know I’ve said this before, but this might be one of my favorite episodes in the series (so far). Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 13 is not an episode full of action, but it’s setting up for so much. The cameos are a delight, as are the ‘eureka!’ moments are our characters figure out the truth.

Altogether, that makes for a great and thrilling episode—one worth reading (or listening to). I just know that everything laid down in this episode will pay off sometime during the next three episodes. And I can’t wait to see it all go down.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.


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