Review: Cursed Luck by Kelly Armstrong

Series: Cursed Luck #1
Author: Kelly Armstrong
Released: May 4, 2021
Received: Own

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Fans of Kelly Armstrong rejoice! Cursed Luck is the first novel in a series by the same name, and yes, I am very late to joining this party. The second novel will be out soon (and likely will be out by the time I post this review), and I cannot wait!

Kennedy Bennet comes from a long line of curse weavers and breakers. It’s become a family business of sorts, though Kennedy has opted to break away and create something new for herself. So she moved to Boston and started up an antique shop that’s really a front for uncursed items.

It’s a living she enjoys. Right up until the drama, it dropped on her head. Drama by the name of Aiden Connolly. His offer is just the tip of the iceberg, as Kennedy quickly finds herself and those she loves most in grave peril.

“All those powers, though, have one thing in common. Balance. You cannot create in a vacuum. Weave a curse on one object, and you must unweave another. To uncurse an object, you must cast another curse, preferably on a different object.”

Cursed Luck was such a delightful read; I strongly recommend it to all the Kelly Armstrong and paranormal/urban fantasy fans out there. Seriously, it has been a minute since I read a novel that fits this particular niche that I love so much.

I loved the fun twist on curses the most about this novel. More specifically, cursed items. The entire Bennet line knows all about how to curse and remove curses from objects, and I just find this entire premise fascinating. I want more – and thankfully, there will be more!

Kennedy’s character is a lot of fun to follow, and her family seems delightful. I hope to see more of them in the future. The secondary characters covered a vast array of personalities and thematic points, which helped to round out the whole story. Naturally, we get to hate and love a couple of characters.

Other fun elements include a romantic subplot (which includes one of my favorite romantic tropes!), humorous moments, betrayal, magical depths, and lots of other surprising twists that I will not spoil for readers. I’d say that this book had the perfect balance of elements. No wonder I’m looking forward to the sequel so much! Speaking of, High Jinx is out as of December 2021. So go nab it; I know I will be!

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