Realm Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2

Her Luck Runs Out Again in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2

Jessica Jones is not a woman known for her good luck. Perhaps that is why she always ends up with some of the hardest (and harshest) cases. And so her journey continues in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2.

Last we saw of our cranky heroine; she had been hired for what seemed to be a simple missing person case. It isn’t her usual job, but between trying to be kinder to herself (therapist’s orders) and her B.S. meter is going off like crazy, she’s made an exception.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is one of a few Marvel series on Serial Box. Every week a new episode drops, featuring creative writing. Or brilliant narration, depending on your preference. Either way, this is Marvel like you’ve never seen it.

The Search For A Missing Boy

Sam Beckbessinger wrote Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2. This is the PI that we all know and love. Jessica is on the hunt for her missing boy, and she’s not going to let a simple thing like laws or courtesy stop her.

This episode is refreshingly gritty, all while showing off the skills that allow Jessica to get the job done. It was fun seeing her use her talent (not just her powers) in various ways. All the while, this foreboding feeling got stronger the more she dug into the case.

What I really adored about this episode? A chance to see smaller powered communities. It’s a known fact in the Marvel world, yet we hardly ever see it happening on a smaller scale. You know, the people with powers are not helpful for becoming a superhero.

More than that, this series, like many a Jessica Jones series, has gone a long way in showing the prejudice that these people face. It’s kind of a running theme for her when you think about it, but it’s a meaningful conversation to have nonetheless.

Speaking of things Jess’ series is known for; the darker tone. That is an element that was absolutely nailed in this episode. Not just for the obvious reasons, but many more subtle themes as well. It was very carefully laid out yet absolutely worth the effort.


Fryda Wolff once again narrated Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2. Her voice is perfect for reading Jessica Jones’ story, this slightly gritty edge, while also being capable of carrying all that sass.

Jessica Jones is a woman of many faces – especially when she’s on the job. Wolff managed to portray all of these subtle changes as natural, making the story move along organically. It is precisely what the series needed.

There were fewer sound effects to be found in this episode, but that was pointed—all of the focus needed to be on Wolff and her speaking words. The absence added weight to the story in a way that I would never have anticipated. There’s one notable exception, and it was so flawlessly done that it felt like part of the narrative itself.


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 2 was a tense continuation of a series I’ve already become engrossed in. This is the gritty and dark side of Hell’s Kitchen, where missing people are ordinary.

It’s also exactly the sort of plot that Jessica would find herself wrapped up in, full of corruption, prejudice, and powers. It’s going to be fascinating and perhaps a little heartbreaking to see where this tale leads.

For those that are interested, the first three episodes of Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire are already out and ready to read (or listen to). Black Widow has a series actively updating, and Thor’s series has a completed season available. So Marvel fans will be happy with what can be found.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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