Realm Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 1

Time for a Nice Relaxing Job in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 1

It is officially time for Jessica Jones to get her series, and it all begins with Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 1. Once again, we’re thrown into Hell’s Kitchen to follow our beloved but somewhat cranky private eye, and you just know that means something about to go down.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is the third Marvel series to hit Serial Box, and at this point, they’ve gotten the formula perfected. Each week a new episode will release, allowing fans to read or listen (or both) to the continuing adventures of our favorite Marvel heroes.

Previously, it was Thor’s turn to get the spotlight. Then, Black Widow got her own series, which is still updating as I write this. Now? Now it’s Jessica Jones’ turn.

As you’ve surely noticed, anytime our heroes’ stories change formats; some creative license is taken. We still have that gritty heroine we love so much in this case. But she’s lacking the iconic relationship comic book fans have come to expect. I don’t consider this a bad thing (and I ship those two hard). It’ll be fascinating to see how her story plays out in this new world.

A Turf War Between Ice Cream Trucks

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 1 was written by Lauren Beukes, and it carries with it all of the tension and sarcasm we might have ever dared to hope for. Throw in a reference or two to her fellow Defenders, and it’s pure perfection.

I’ve been getting increasingly excited for the release of Jessica’s series, and I’ve got to tell you, so far, it’s living up to my expectations. It’s gritty and tense, all while showing us a different side of Jessica Jones.

This is the version of our hero who is trying to get better. It’s an element that is hinted at in the comics (and show) here and there but has never been fully explored. Not until now, at any rate. I’m thrilled to see Beukes’ portrayal of it all.

Okay, I also loved all of the jokes surrounding turf wars and ice cream trucks. That was completely unexpected, yet it fit oddly well in this world that Jessica has made for herself. As for the introduction to the first series arc? It’s already proving to be an interesting one, and my money is on it getting very dark sooner rather than later.


Fryda Wolff has stepped up to narrate Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire, and already it’s clear that she is the right woman for the job. She’s nailing the rougher tone of Jessica’s voice while still hanging on to the irony that seems to linger around her character.

I should also mention that this series is already showing some humor in the sound effects provided. For example, a twisted ice cream truck sound plays during one entire scene. It’s pretty effective and ties in nicely with a point our heroine makes later.

I am very much looking forward to seeing further portrays of this version of Jessica Jones and seeing how far Wolff can push it. But so far, I’m pleased with what I’m seeing (well, hearing). So once again, I find myself highly recommending the narrated side of this adventure.


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 1 was the perfect introduction to this new and rough tale. I love that they didn’t gloss over Jessica’s past while still presenting us with a different side of her story. It’s exciting and refreshing.

I’m looking forward to seeing more about the new case Jessica has been assigned to work on. Even while dreading the worst, which is sure to come (life is never easy for our girl). Regardless, I already know I’m in for the long haul with this series.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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