Realm Review: Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14

It All Wraps Up In Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14

Hard as it may be to believe, the conclusion of the series is upon us in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14. This whole time Natasha had been seeking to find who stole her blood and make them pay for what was done.

In the previous episode, almost everything had been wrapped up. Now it was simply a matter of saving the day – so the usual for Black Widow (and the Winter Soldier).

Black Widow: Bad Blood is a series available on Serial Box (now Realm). All fourteen episodes are currently available on the site and would make for a great binge read. Or binge-listen, as the series is also available in audio format.

Friends in High Places

Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14 was written by L.L. McKinney, and it wrapped up the plot arc beautifully. Everything the Widow had set out to do was completed in this episode, and then some. It was truly satisfying to see it all wrap-up.

This was still a tense episode, as there was plenty of action to go around. After all, the bad guys still had to be defeated, and the world still had to be saved. Literally. There’s no such thing as a small case when it comes to Romanoff, is there?

With stakes that high, it’s really no surprise that the fight scenes were equally dramatic. It’s always satisfying to see her fight, but this one felt more brutal than ever. Perhaps it was the personal nature of it all.

Along with the major moments come the small moments. More hints of Natasha’s love for her latest identity hints towards what may be little things like that. While the main plot feels wrapped up, these little details make the possibility of more feel real. It gave this enthralled reader hope.


As with the rest of the series, Sarah Natochenny did a fantastic job narrating in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14. It was a tense listen, but one well worth the added anxiety.

The fight scenes were dramatic, made all the more so thanks to the added audio effects. It really felt like Natasha was taking (and giving) hits during those scenes. Likewise, it made the stakes feel more real, oddly.

The season wrapped up on an interesting note, one that was highlighted thanks to the narration. Natasha’s a woman of many faces, yet she’s still a person under it all. There will always be cases that she loved and missions that’ll influence her more than others. These are unavoidable facts, made all the more so thanks to how Natochenny read the final parts of this story.

In Conclusion

Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 14 perfectly wrapped up the major plot points of this series. All while leaving the faintest of hints of what could come. It leaves me hopeful that we’ll be seeing more seasons in this series, and I couldn’t be more excited about that fact.

If you’ve been holding off on diving into this series, now would be the perfect time to do so. All fourteen episodes are now available, and that means you could binge all three hundred and seventy minutes of it in one go, should you feel so inclined.

If you already read (or listened) to the series, and are feeling withdrawal, let me remind you that there are currently two other Marvel series on Serial Box. Thor‘s season may be complete, but Jessica Jones has a series that is actively updating. Plus, Black Panther‘s series is on the horizon as well.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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