Realm Review: Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11

The Plot Thickens Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11

Natasha Romanoff is still on her question for answers, even if the quest has altered slightly over the past few days. Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11 continues that very quest. Somebody has taken her blood, and she’s going to get it back – and then get answers for why it was done. As well as a bit of revenge.

Last we saw, the Black Widow and Winter Soldier had set up a new mission for themselves, one that would bring them closer to their potential target. While some things went smoothly, others did not go according to plan.

Black Widow: Bad Blood is one of three Marvel series currently available on Serial Box (now Realm). Each Tuesday, another episode drops involving the dangerous Black Widow, giving plenty of opportunities for fans to follow along.

The Carrot and the Stick

Mikki Kendall and L.L. McKinney worked together to bring fans Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11. It’s daring and dramatic in all the right ways, with Natasha thrown off in ways that we had never expected to see.

This episode made a point of showing us the other side of Natasha’s life. That is to say; it showed us more of the threats, confusion, and complication that can come with living such a complicated life. It’s a poignant reminder.

Honestly, though, it did a great job of raising more questions than it answered. The how and why are still truly unclear, and frankly, so is the matter of ‘who,’ depending on how you look at it. Unsurprising, the tension increases alongside all of the obfuscation, as we’re uncertain what is about to happen next. Let alone how this whole ordeal will be resolved.

The details within this episode are what made it so stand out. They were flawlessly woven into the story, yet each and every piece could quickly become something so much more prominent in the future. Or not. Only time will tell.


Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11 was narrated by Sarah Natochenny, and as per usual, it was a delight to listen to. This episode, in particular, had such a gripping introduction, thanks partially to how the last episode left off. The other half has to do with the musical overlay, which enhanced the scene to a whole new level.

Natochenny’s reading is well worth listening to, as she brings Natasha (and Barnes) to life through her voice. I personally really love the way Natasha sounds here, this odd combination of tired yet driven.

As I already mentioned, the music and the sound effects made this episode. Their inclusion was less subtle during some points this time around, but I also think it was the right call. It added tension to specific scenes, rounding them out nicely.


Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 11 is dark and tense. It sort of feels like everything is about to kick off, and I cannot wait to see how that is going to turn out.

Natasha’s hunt is nearing an end, with only three episodes left now. How will she resolve it? It’s amazing how hard that is to predict, even this close to the end.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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