Review: Ignite the Fire: Incendiary by Karen Chance

Series: Cassandra Palmer #11
Author: Karen Chance
Publisher: Indie
Released: September 9th, 2021
Received: Own
Warnings: Mentions of assault, mind control, bleeding

4 1/2 kitties

Fans of Karen Chance were undoubtedly thrilled to see the latest installment of her beloved Cassandra Palmer series drop. Ignite the Fire: Incendiary is the eleventh book in the series and a two-parter. You better believe I’m anxiously awaiting that second part (Inferno, for those curious).

Cassie Palmer has never lived a normal life. She grew up in the company of vampires, fell in love with a mage, and is now Pythia. Being Pythia comes with an abundance of responsibilities and power. Naturally, it also comes with a fair share of danger.

While juggling the many aspects that come with her job (including handling a multi-faceted war), Cassie is doing her best to keep a promise to a friend. This involved jumping back in time, all in the hopes of finding Mircea’s lost wife. Will she succeed, or will other magical beings endeavor to get in the way?

“What you have done is to open a door to potentially changing yourself, or even worse, the Pythian power.”

Ahh! I can’t believe it! As a massive fan of Karen Chance, I’ll confess that I stayed up way too late reading Ignite the Fire: Incendiary when it was released. Then I reread it. Somehow in that process of freaking out and rereading, I forgot to write my review. Oops! Time to fix that.

First, can I just say that I love that Ignite the Fire was such a vast beast that Karen Chance had to split it into two novels? Amazing. I can’t wait to see what the second half of this novel looks like because the first half is huge!

As per usual, I loved the choreographed chaos that unfolds throughout a Cassandra Palmer novel. There’s always so much going on and so little time to deal with it all (ironic, given her title and abilities).

And man is there a lot going on here. Not only are there half a dozen dramatic threads already flying every which way, but then Chance added a few more. You know, for good measure! As if a war (several wars?) wasn’t enough, there’s also vampire/mage/fae politics, internal politics, family dynamics/drama, personal issues, and friends in need of help or a bit of time with Cassie. As I said, it’s a lot. But I love it.

I do feel like there was more chaos and action in this novel than in the previous couple, but maybe that is just me. Perhaps I need to go back and read the entire series again…(I swear I’m not looking for an excuse to do that). One thing I can tell you: I’m already so badly looking forward to the release of Ignite the Fire: Inferno. I don’t quite know when that will be released, but I’m hoping we’ll get enough notice so that I can once again plan to stay up too late reading it.


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