Realm Review: Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2

Something Stolen in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2

Natasha Romanoff’s story continues in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2. Her journey is already setting up to be a perilous one, but given who we’re talking about, that is hardly a surprise. No matter what happens next, we know that Black Widow will see it through to the end.

Last we saw, Natasha had concluded one investigation, but she had found herself out of sorts during the cleaning process. Naturally, things only got worse from there. Now she’s facing the fallout of what happened, and she only has so many people to turn to for help.

Black Widow: Bad Blood is the latest Marvel serial on Serial Box (now Realm). A new episode will drop each and every week, on Tuesdays. Like the rest of the programs on this platform, you have the choice to either read or listen to the adventure. So be sure to enjoy it!

The Stakes Have Been Set

Natasha Romanoff has a talent for getting herself into sticky situations. Let’s be honest here; it’s part of her job. But the odds are good that she’s never faced anything quite like this. And no, I’m not just talking about this being her first time on Serial Box.

The second episode of this series was appropriately titled ‘Something Stolen, Something Red‘ and was written by Lindsay Smith and Taylor Stevens. It is every bit as dramatic as the first episode – if not more so. However, I might be a bit biased here since I was thrilled about the surprise cameo that occurred.

Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2 is an intense read, with a whole new side of Natasha being visible to readers. I won’t say that she appears vulnerable…but this is about as close as you’ll ever see her get to that description.

It’s fascinating. It also goes a long way in setting the stakes for what is bound to happen next. Whatever this is, it is major – and it’s hitting Natasha on an emotional level to boot. It’s going to take everything she’s got to resolve whatever this mystery is.


Sarah Natochenny was once again at the helm for the narration of Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2. There is so much to love about her interpretation of Natasha’s character. From the level of expression she was able to portray, she had to lend a voice to the new character.

All of these elements created a thrilling audio episode worth listening to. The added sound effects help set the scene while not overpowering the reading (something that is not always a given).

I’ll confess that it took me a moment to adjust to the voice for a cameo, but it almost felt like second nature after a few lines. Ultimately, it played off quite nicely against the situation that Natasha had found herself in.


Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 2 was an intense and dramatic read (or listen, depending on what you chose). It did an excellent job of living up to the promise made in the first episode, all while leaving reading desperate for the third episode to drop. Thankfully, that third episode is now available, so feel free to dive in!

The more I read the Marvel series coming out on Serial Box, the more I realize that I’m really enjoying this format. Black Widow was the ideal choice for this new format, as her story transitioned brilliantly. It makes me eager for the other series on the docket (especially Jessica Jones, as this series is already hinting at all of the potential hidden there).

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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