Realm Review – Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15

The Season Finale in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15

Thor’s quest has come to an end in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15. At least, for now. After all, this is not a god who will ever rest, especially not while there are those in need. This does conclude the first (but hopefully not only) season of Thor: Metal Gods.

Last we saw, Thor and his unlikely group of allies all went through deeply personal trials. But the enemy has yet to be defeated. For that matter, the crew still needs to escape Miskandar before it’s too late. So there is still a bit left to this story.

Thor: Metal Gods is part of a series coming from Serial Box (now called Realm). Now that the whole first season is complete, you can binge it in its entirety. The platform drops a new episode for newer series each week, allowing readers to either read or listen (or both) at their leisure.

A Dramatic Finale

Thor: Metal Gods epic finale was written by Aaron Stewart-Ahn, and it lives up to all of the promises made throughout the season. Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15 is an intense read (or listen), one that brought the scale of the battle to a whole new level in a way that is appropriate for our leading character.

There was a lot to love about this conclusion. Mainly, it feels like it embraced the plot arc revolving around Thor and gave him a moment to come to terms with everything that has been said and done. Being Thor, that also meant he had to do something about it.

All of that buildup made the conclusion hit all the harder but in the best of ways. It’s clear that all of the writers involved in this project (Jay Edidin, Brian Keene, and Yoon Ha Lee) were working towards this moment all along.

The grand scale that comes with Thor’s plots is sometimes hard to depict, especially in different forms of media. Yet it feels perfectly captured here, with a real sense of consequence and risk ringing through the air. It is exactly what I was hoping to see from this series.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15 was narrated by Daniel Gillies, and as with the rest of the season, he did a fantastic job. Through his voice, the characters came to life, but none more so than Thor. However, Loki was a close second.

There was a range of emotions displayed throughout this episode, being the finale and all. This rang true through the narration, with Thor, particularly emoting more than ever, given the situation and everything that led up to it.

There were some subtle touches added to the audio that enhanced the experience. Sound effects, music, and the likes. Though it really was done with a gentle hand, as it never takes away from Gillies’ reading. That is such a vital detail, so I appreciate the balance.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 15 was exactly the conclusion I was hoping for from this season. Actually, it was a bit more than that, for it managed to surprise and impress me. As the title of the series implies, this was an epic quest and thus had an epic conclusion. It was nice to see the plot done justice, as well as some character development from our leading heroes.

While I don’t know if there will be a second season to this series, I can certainly hope for more. In the meantime, there are other Marvel series on Serial Box to look forward to. Namely, Jessica Jones and Black Widow. Both of which are supposed to drop in the next few months. Following that should be Black Panther, and hopefully more after that.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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