Blog Tour & Review: What Pretty Gets You by Chandra Hoffman

Author: Chandra Hoffman
Publisher: Fifth Generation Press
Released: March 15, 2021
Received: Blog Tour

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Chandra Hoffman’s What Pretty Gets You is a chilling read that I enjoyed and will recommend to anyone willing to listen!

Two women, one friendship. Two secret histories, one explosive outcome. Maia and Carolyn both have secrets they’d rather keep hidden, but both are willing to take risks to get where they want in life.

Maia spent too long watching other people’s dreams come true to pass up on the opportunity handed to her – even if it seems too good to be true. Meanwhile, Carolyn believes that it is better to keep one’s friends close – and their enemies even closer.

“Please let me be a part of this. Please tell me I’m good at something that has nothing to do with my outsides.”

What Pretty Gets You is one of those books that will pull readers in right from the first pages. These two twisted tales feel familiar and strange; the resulting combination of the two makes it impossible to look away.

I should probably confess a bias here because I love it when a book has multiple threads that weave together. Carolyn and Maia’s stories are so different, yet the way they connect is fascinating to see (er, read). While I’ll confess that Carolyn’s story felt plain at first (thanks to the strong tropes it is based on), I did enjoy the way it developed. Meanwhile, I enjoyed Maia’s story right from the start!

What really made What Pretty Gets You shine, at least in my book (pun intended- sorry), are the characters that appear within the pages. They are so well done – so much so that it is quite easy to forget that they aren’t real people. I give so much credit to Chandra Hoffman for making me forget that fact.

Thanks to The Book Review Crew for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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