Realm Review – Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13: The Dark Crown’s Influence

Thor’s quest continues in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13. The series has put Thor, alongside his allies, through quite a lot in a short period of time. But it looks like their journey isn’t over yet. There’s still at least one major revelation on the way.

Thor and his allies have reached Miskandar, but it is not what they expected. Nor are the effects of the planet what they could have predicted – or prepared for. No matter how sure they were of their protections beforehand. And to think, this all started with a stolen crown and missing humans.

Thor: Metal Gods is part of a series from Serial Box (now Realm). The first season is fifteen episodes long, with a new episode being dropped each week. It’s the first Marvel series to hit the platform, but it will not be the last. Jessica Jones and Black Widow are both set to get their own series later this Spring.

Nilhilator’s Reach

Jay Edidin is once again at the helm for Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13. Given his talent for writing subtlety and foreshadowing, that’s a good thing. This chapter is carefully written, with plenty of indicators of all that can go wrong.

It’s chilling. What Thor (and everyone else) is up against here. Perhaps more so because only one of the crew seems to be genuinely aware of how bad the situation is, and he’s not exactly the most trustworthy character.

That’s where the writing shines. This whole episode is tense in a way that an entire scene of battles could not be. It’s the fear of the unknown that gives us the chills here. That sense of impending dread. It’s perfectly balanced here and to significant effect.

Now that this episode has concluded, that means there are only two episodes left before the season concludes. That isn’t much time to wrap things up, so it’s entirely likely that the pacing will receive a significant uptick from here. That means that this is the calm before the storm, yet the setting has been established.


Daniel Gillies has done it again, putting all of the conflict and emotion possible into his reading of Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13. Where many of the previous episodes have been infused with this sense of the epic nature of the quest, episode 13 takes a different direction.

Thus, so does Gillies’ narration. There’s something almost creepy and alarming about the way the quest is being read this time around. Gillies’ voice is full of anticipation, giving off a strong sense of foreshadowing that cannot be avoided. It’s extremely impressive when you think about it.

One of the characters introduced during this series took the forefront, and I’ve got to admit. I loved Gillies’ interpretation of her. Especially given the point that her mental state is in. There’s something so…chilling about it.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 13 was another thrilling addition to this dramatic series. I love how much effort this episode went through to establish what is surely the grand finale for the season. I’m both anxious and dreading what is to come!

It’s hard to believe that there are only two episodes left after this (and once again: I’m a bit behind on the series, so it’s concluded by now). Here’s hoping that the series will be renewed for another season because I, for one, am invested in seeing how far they can push it.

On that note, while I am hoping that the series does continue, I’ll admit that I’m becoming more excited by the day for the other Marvel series. Namely, Black Widow and Jessica Jones, both of which should be coming out over the next few months. Personally? I can’t wait.

This article was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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