Realm Review – Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7

Loki’s Grand Plan in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7

The quest continues in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7. This series has been told in episode format through Serial Box (now Realm) and has been rapidly ramping up as Thor, and his allies seek to find the crown (a bit of a long story there).

Last we saw, Loki had been persuaded (slightly by force, alongside some surprising twists) to join Thor’s quest. That brings with it plenty of complications on its own, being that this is Loki and all. But it is the perfect fit for this series.

Thor: Metal Gods has been a fascinating series thus far. Each week a new episode (chapter, really) drops on Serial Box, much like a show releasing a new episode. I have to admit that Thor is well suited to the new format and have begun to really look forward to each new episode.

A Daring Heist

Jay Edidn steps up to the plate to write us this latest episode of Thor: Metal Gods. And I’ve got to say; he’s nailed the brotherly dynamics here. Thor and Loki have always had a…contentious relationship. The mixture of love and hate is so fine; it quickly obfuscates most other problems in the room.

That mixture was shown here, and there’s no doubt that it was the highlight of this episode. Actually, I take that back. It was a highlight, one of two. Delving into Horangi’s backstory was another much appreciated moment in this series. It added some true weight and heft to the plot and served as a reminder that this quest even began.

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7 perfected the Loki smarm, charm, and sass that fans have loved so much. However, I should probably give some credit to the narrator for that as well. More on that in a moment.

Loki’s scheming is in full force here, with the phrase ‘trust me’ coming up enough times to give readers the chills. Granted, with Loki, you really only need to hear it once to start getting nervous. But that’s all proof that they’re using his character wisely here.

This episode felt much like a buildup as if they were setting the scene. Yes, plenty of conversations and events did occur. But there’s something much bigger looming on the horizon because we all know there’s no way this heist will go as planned.


Thank goodness for Daniel Gillies. He was once again the narrator, bringing Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7 to life. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, every character has found a voice through him. But it’s perhaps his portrayal of Loki that has made me so especially fond of his work.

You know how Loki practically oozes charm? Like you can almost feel it rolling off of him? Gillies did an excellent job of capturing that feeling while also portraying several key differences known to this series (mainly, Loki’s new fascination). It was very well done.

This episode did seem to focus more on the dialogue and thus left out many of the sound effects found in previous parts. But honestly? I’m okay with that. I think the focus was a good call, and it enhanced the scene.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 7 was another fun and thrilling addition to this Serial Box series. I’ll be honest; I really wasn’t sure what to expect when this series was first announced. But now I’m extremely happy that I’ve been giving it a chance. In fact, I’m honestly getting really hyped for news about the other Marvel series they’ve been working on. But I guess we’ll have to be patient on that front.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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