Realm Review – Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4

How History Repeats in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4 continues Thor’s epic quest on Serial Box. For those that haven’t been following, Serial Box (now Realm) recently obtained the rights to start telling stories about some of our beloved Marvel characters. And they’re starting with the God of Thunder.

Each week Serial Box has been dropping a new episode of Thor: Metal Gods. It’s a unique format in that we’re given the option to read or listen as we see fit. Though the plot itself is also very different from the comics, we’ve grown so used to – and that’s not a bad thing.

Thus far, Thor has found himself working alongside an old ally to right a wrong. Unsurprisingly, ties have been found leading back to Loki, all while Thor has been forced to work slightly outside of his comfort zones. All of this has made for a distinctive reading experience, one that is as quirky as it is entertaining.

The Plot Thickens

Thor: Metal Gods has been running long enough to set some expectations for each episode. We now can safely assume that each episode will have a musical theme – as the title of the series hints at. We also know that Thor will be placed slightly outside of his element, but there will also be classic elements of Thor’s series found here.

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4 follows that pattern while also being unafraid of advancing the plot by leaps and bounds. This episode was nicely done in that it had that perfect balance between backstory (vital at this point in the plot) and action.

There were several fascinating elements woven into this episode. Most of them came from Marvel comics lore. Specifically from the many characters and races that can be found out in space. That inclusion was a brilliant decision, as it has brought this arc back around to something familiar and grounding.

Yoon Ha Lee was the primary writer for this episode, and once again, they have woven an intricate and interesting tale. What makes this series, so standout is how different it is. Imagine Thor’s comics. Now imagine the movies. They’re both similar and different in their own ways, right? The same can be said for this new format. It’s made for a refreshing experience, removing all of the predictable elements that we’ve come to rely on.


Thankfully, Daniel Gillies is still the narrator for this project. This far into the plot, it just wouldn’t feel the same without him. I’ve come to really enjoy his take on Thor in particular at this point in the series. He’s nailed that balance between egotistical and kind that only Thor can manage.

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4 had a lot of ground to cover, with lots of backstories followed by a little action. But Gillies kept up with the pace. Additionally, the sound effects I’ve mentioned in previous reviews were well done here, especially during the later scenes, which easily could have become overwhelming and distracting.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 4 was another fast-paced and unique reading experience from Serial Box. This may be the first series of its kind, but I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I’m also looking forward to hearing news about the series that should be following this one – especially Black Widow’s.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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