Weekly Update

This was a strange week. Part of me wants to leave it at that, but I won’t. It was a week that had a lot of good and bad news, some big, some relatively minor. But when all jumbled together it certainly felt larger to me!

A bit of good news: I got my second vaccination this week! I am one step closer to finally getting out in the world. My first goal (once my two weeks are up, of course) is going to be checking out my new local library.

A bit of bad news: One of the sites I’ve been writing for the last few years shut down this week. It was pretty sudden and I’m not going to lie, my heart hurts. I’ll miss Word of the Nerd, but at least I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time there.

WOTN shutting down does mean that there will be a bit of a shuffle, both in my time and on my blogs. Since I’m no longer writing book and comic reviews for the site, I do have a bit of time on my hands.

Going forward, all of the comics I had been reviewing for WOTN will instead be done on my other blog, Quirky Cat’s Comics. I may be transitioning all of my graphic novel reviews over there in the coming months. I haven’t fully decided.

On the bright side, this also means that I’m going to (theoretically) have more time on my hands for a few projects I’ve been wanting to pick up for this blog. We’ll see if I actually have the time, as I have been spending every spare moment possible out in my gardens. Fingers crossed!

Books Read:

  • Angel of the Overpass
  • Aetherbound
  • The Nation of Plants
  • A Crown of Dawn
  • A Good Mother
  • Black Water Sister
  • Catnapped
  • Call Me Elizabeth Lark

Next’s Weeks Reading Lineup:

  • A Master of Djinn
  • Local Woman Missing
  • The Album of Dr. Moreau
  • House of Hollow
  • The Promised Queen
  • The Photographer

I know that I’m a bit of an overachiever when it comes to writing up my weekly lists – so I make no promises to actually read all of these books! However! We all know that I’m going to do my best.

Weekly Quote:

Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks (of Books):

A Universe of Wishes – Read HERE
The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman – Read HERE
Sweet Paradise – Read HERE
Project Hail Mary – Read HERE
Villainous – Read HERE
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy – Read HERE
The Bright and Breaking Sea – Read HERE
The Way Back – Read HERE

The Review Crew:

Project Hail Mary – Read HERE

Quirky Cat’s Comics:

Thor & Loki: Double Trouble #3 – Read HERE

America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A. #3 – Read HERE

Monkeys Fighting Robots:

Eve #1 – Read HERE

The Last Witch #5 – Read HERE

The Review Crew:

May Picks for BOTM – Read HERE

About Liz (AKA Cat)

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, reader, and much more. While my photography blog is feeling a bit neglected at the moment, the other sites I'm involved in are going strong. ✧I review books, comics, and basically anything else in the literary world over at Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks (of Books). ✧I review comics and books, as well as write content for Word of the Nerd. ✧I review comics for Monkeys Fighting Robots. ✧I write content for Screen Rant and CBR. ✧I write book reviews for The Review Crew.
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