Review: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Adriana Melo
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: May 19th, 2020
Received: Own

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Who doesn’t love a story based on the dynamic duo that is Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Best friends, cohorts, lovers, these two really can be everything to each other, when handed off to the right creative team.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy follows the events of Heroes in Crisis, where Poison Ivy was unceremoniously killed, and later, brought back. Even though Ivy may be back, she’s not back to full strength yet. Hence why Harley is still blaming herself for the whole situation, and doing her best to protect her.

Unfortunately, things never go quite according to plan for these two. Before long, the two are on the run, as yet another villain makes an appearance. He wants Ivy in his life, and he’s not willing to take no for an answer. Probably not the smartest decision, given who we’re talking about here.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy was a thrilling read, one that was full of plenty of surprises, and even a few twists. The whole adventure felt right at home in either Harley or Ivy’s narrative. It even went a long way to fixing some of the wrongs formed in Heroes in Crisis.

It’s fun and a bit chaotic – but in a good way. This is Harley we’re talking about. Any series that includes her must also make room for the chaos. Just saying. It was funny, and just a touch cute, giving these two wonderful ladies another chance to shine.

As somebody who didn’t love some of what happened in Heroes in Crisis (sorry, it just hurt so much), I was thrilled to see these two back together again. It was refreshing, and it helped to soothe the heartache and frustration. At least, a little bit.

What really threw me through a loop was the conclusion. I refuse to ruin it – but I will say that you should get ready for one heck of a surprise. It’s a twist that would feel right at home with Batman: White Knight.

Part of me almost wishes that there would be a sequel to this story, as I’m curious to see what happens next. The rest of me is fairly content with where things left off, and knows that we’ll see whatever the fallout is, either in Harley’s series, or Batman’s. Somewhere, it will crop up.

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