Review: Bullet Catcher: The Complete Season 1

Author: Joaquin Lowe
Narrator: Ines del Castillo
Publisher: Serial Box
Received: Own

Bullet Catcher is a unique series, a blend of coming of age, fantasy western, and family drama. It’s perfect for fans of The Gunslinger (Dark Tower) and True Grit, but it comes with a few twists of it’s own. The first two seasons are currently available on Serial Box, with the third on the way. My review is only for the first season of the series (though I do plan on diving into the second season asap).

In case Serial Box is new to you, here’s a quick rundown. Serial Box curates experiences as much as stories. When a series is being actively updated, a new episode drops each week. Then you can either read or listen to it (or a combination of the two – my personal preference).

Imma has spent the last few years alone. As you might imagine, she’s used to loss. First, she lost her parents. Then, she lost her brother, when he went off to follow his dream of becoming a bullet catcher.

Now? Now she’s set to follow her brother’s footsteps, all while creating a new dream just for herself. Only, it isn’t that simple. Regardless of what complications it’s going to bring about, Imma is going to take the opportunity she has found.

“Memory is a monster, far worse than anything lurking under a bed.”

I don’t know about you, but I am completely hooked on this series. I listened to the whole thing in about a day, and it left me practically drooling for more. I fell in love with Bullet Catcher – with the world, the characters, and every little detail it had to offer.

Thankfully, I still have season two to binge through. Hopefully I can pace myself better this time around, so the wait for season three won’t be complete torture.

I’ll confess that I had a little bit of trouble getting into Bullet Catcher at first. I always struggle with new audiobooks though, so I think that’s a me problem. Once I got into it though, I really got into it. I loved Imma’s story, and every little twist and turn.

Even when I could guess what some of those twists were, I still loved it. In a way, that made it all the more satisfying, because it all made sense. The story flowed in such an organic and memorable way.

I honestly really loved the tone and theme of Bullet Catcher. I enjoyed The Dark Tower, and this carried with it several of those themes. But with a strong female lead, and a few other details to make the world stand on it’s own. To me, it was everything I’d been looking for in a fantasy western (and then some).

I just looked it up, and it looks like you can get Bullet Catcher for a decent price on Kindle as well. That being said, if you can, spring for the Serial Box version. Ines del Castillo’s narration brings the story to a whole new level, it’s fantastic, and totally worth it.

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