Review: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1

Authors: Matt Fitton, Jenny T. Colgan, James Goss
Narrated by Series Cast
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Released: May 31st, 2016
Received: Serial Box

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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1 is a collection of three short story adventures from my favorite Doctor. Oh! And did I mention that they are in audiobook format? With the original cast lending their voices to make the adventure all the better. Yes, please!

This was originally published by Big Finish Productions, however I got my copy of the series through Serial Box. In fact, I hadn’t even heard about these adventures until they hit that platform, so I’m pretty grateful.

Technophobia by Matt Fitton

The first story in this collection is probably also my favorite, and it’s titled Technophobia. Written by Matt Fitton, it’s a quirk adventure, but no shorter than any of the episodes. In it, Donna and the Doctor are reunited again (not literally – it’s set before their parting). There is an alien race working hard to bring humanity backwards a few steps in their technology, and this was their plan.

“Good as new. Give it ten minutes, they’ll knock up another dozen landscapes. You see, the beauty of robots is they only ever do what they’re told to do.”

Technophobia was fast, fun, and supremely quirky. Just the way I like it! Having the Doctor and Donna yell at one another is something that I will never get sick of. Seriously, it’s so funny. Even when the world is crumbling around them, they find a way. This is a perfect listen for anybody looking for a good laugh, and really just a Doctor Who adventure in general.

Time Reaver Jenny T Colgan

Next up on the list is Time Reaver. This was another enchanting tale, and part of me wants to say that it is also my favorite. Sadly, they can’t all be favorites! Set on Calibris, a spaceport where something is about to go very, very wrong. As is the way of Doctor Who.

“I told you, we’re not going to that Planet of the Boys. There is no Planet of the Boys.”

There is a balance between chaos and order, and a price to pay for both. One must always pay for their decisions, as this short did an excellent job of showing. It’s highly emotional, with a dark twist that will leave you reeling.

Death and the Queen by James Goss

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Death and the Queen. This is a short that is going to be perfect for fans of Donna. As she takes center stage here (who else could pull off the concept of queen better than her?).

“I have 36 formal titles. If you are having trouble sleeping, I can recite them to you.”

I really enjoyed this story. Not just because it was so Donna-centric, but because of everything that it portrayed. It was fascinating, as well as kind of dark and twisted, just the way I like it. Honestly, this story would have felt right at home in an episode of Doctor Who, so part of me is sad that we’ll never get to see it filmed.

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