Review: Her Crown of Fire by Renee April

Her Crown of FireAuthor: Renee April
Publisher: Write Plan
Released: November 1st, 2019
Received: Review Request
Rating: 4 kitties
I received a copy of Her Crown of Fire in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Renee April’s debut novel, Her Crown of Fire, is not one you’re going to want to miss out on. This is a tale of magic, friendship, and otherworlds. It’s full of personal conflicts, politics, and danger. And it all combined to make a brilliant read.

Rose Evermore spent her whole like thinking she was normal. Okay, so sometimes she had some weird events happen around her. But for the most part, she was still pretty normal. Until the day she started a fire by mistake. And it didn’t burn her.

Suddenly, Rose has been thrust into a world of magic and wonder – literally. She’s been tossed into a realm known as Lotheria, and she might have accidentally taken her completely non-magical friend, Tyson, along for the ride.

Her Crown of Fire is a shockingly thorough and dark read, introducing readers to a world where magic rules and the concept of right or wrong is cast to the wayside.


“My breath catches.

There’s still no pain.

I’m fireproof.”

Spoiler Warning

Her Crown of Fire was a breathtaking read. It was intricate and intense, and shockingly dark and twisted at times. I was delighted by everything April’s debut had to offer. And I’m crossing my fingers about seeing more work from her in the future.

The world of Lotheria was not at all what I pictured. It’s deceptive in that it appears like a charming school of magic – when in truth there’s actually so much darkness lurking within these halls. It was such a refreshing take on the whole magical school trope, and I can’t get over how much I loved it.

I know that the whole ‘girl finding magic’ plot may sound like it’s been done a million times before, but trust me when I say this: Renee April has an utterly unique take on the subject. She constantly subverted my expectations and surprised me left and right while I was reading Her Crown of Fire.

Speaking of surprises, even the romantic subplot surprised me. At least I was right about there being one – but that’s about all I can brag about here. Once again I was thrown through a loop, with all of my assumptions getting tossed right out the window. And I absolutely loved it.

Overall I’m really happy with Her Crown of Fire. It was a delightful read and one that I’m so happy to have read. Now all I need is news about whatever project Renee April is working on next, and I’ll be the happiest girl around.

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