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This stop of the Shattered Bonds Blog Tour is going to include a Review, Excerpt, Contest Link, and Author Bio. So be sure to check out below for everything!

Shattered Bonds (Jane Yellowrock #13)

Jane Yellowrock must dig deep and find strength within herself if she is to survive in the latest novel in this New York Times bestselling series.

Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker, and vampire killer-for-hire, but her last battle with an ancient arcane enemy has brought her low. She seeks retreat in the Appalachian Mountains to grieve the loss of her friends, and to heal–or to die–from the disease brought on by her magic.

But malevolent elements in the paranormal community still seek to destroy Jane, and the younger Son of Darkness stalks her, even into the safety of the hills. With nowhere to run and her body failing, the rogue-vampire hunter and her inner Beast must discover a way to defeat this new threat, and find a form that gives her a chance to fight another day.”

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Author: Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock #13
Publisher: Ace
Released: October 29th
Received: Blog Tour
Warnings: Torture, blood draining, graphic deaths, illness
Rating: 4 1/2 kitties

I received a copy of Shattered Bonds in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Shattered Bonds in the thirteenth novel in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter, and in case you were curious, yes this series is still going strong. Fans have been especially anxious for this novel, thanks to the conclusion of Dark Queen. And with good reason.

Following the events in Dark Queen, Jane has been in desperate need of some time alone. Or at least, some time out in the wilds with her family. Thanks to them, she’ll never be truly alone. But this is a world of magic and vampires, and thus there is no peace, not even for somebody as sick as Jane Yellowrock.

Jane thought that she had finally cleared up the trouble with the Son of Darkness, but she was wrong. Shattered Bonds reveals that there is a younger Son of Darkness, one who is potentially an even bigger threat. And he’s probably not too pleased about what happened to his brother.

But can Jane juggle saving the day and saving herself? She’s always put others above herself, but her illness has made that even more difficult than ever.

This novel is everything and more – living up to the promises made in Dark Queen, while also supplying fans with all of the answers we’ve been desperately seeking. So get ready for another emotional and dramatic ride.


“Thought of humans and vampires and witches. Want to hunt bison in Edmund car. Edmund is gone. Want to sit on Leo and rub jaw on Leo to scent mark. But Leo is gone. Want to curl around Angie Baby and Little Evan and new kit and keep kits safe. But kits are gone. Beast is hungry. Beast is sad.


Warnings: This is the world of Jane Yellowrock we’re talking about. More importantly, this is the younger Son of Darkness. That means there are going to be some graphic moments in this novel. Everything from blood draining to torture and graphic death. You know the type of vampire we’re talking about here. Additionally, recall that last we saw, Jane was quite sick. There are detailed descriptions of her battles here.


Shattered Bonds was an emotional and brilliant follow up, proving that Faith Hunter truly knows how to tug at the heartstrings of her fans. And that she’s not afraid to keep pushing her characters (and her fans, by proxy) through yet another encounter.

I’m honestly not entirely sure where to start. I think I loved everything about Shattered Bonds. I loved seeing a different side of Jane – a Jane who had to deal with a whole different sort of enemy. Herself. Or rather, her failing body. It was beautiful and depressing and absolutely brilliant. These moments truly rang a chord with me, as I’m sure they will with many other fans out there.

There were soaring highs and dramatic lows in this novel, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. A world full of magical creatures and beings should never create an easy journey, after all. But Jane has always found a way to persevere, and that is one of the many reasons why her fans love her.

There were moments I absolutely adored, many of them either involving the reactions of Jane’s adoring friends and family, or thanks to the brilliant politics woven into this novel. You’ve got to admit, Faith Hunter has a way with both of these elements. Some of the politicking made me chuckle, this time around. And that’s always appreciated, given some of the heavier themes covered.

As far as the antagonist is concerned? Man, did she made him threatening. I absolutely love that he was significantly different from his elder brother – yet carried a lot of the same tones and themes around him. He was still threatening, of course. But in his own way. I think he was the perfect follow up to the last few novels, but perhaps not for the reasons you might expect.

Shattered Bonds was yet another brilliant read. As per usual, my only regret with finishing this novel is that I have to wait for the next one to come out. But you know what? It was worth it. And at least in the meantime, I’ll have time to reread the series again.


Excerpt (#5 on the Blog Tour, so be sure to check out the rest!):

When Beast was satisfied that earth was staying still, Beast dropped from limb, loped toward house. 

Smelled wood smoke on air. Smelled Brute spoor stink. Smelled Bruiser and Eli and stink of gunfire from new shooting range. Family. Saw snow fall, felt snow landing on coat. Trotted out of tree line, along row of grape vines, branches showing hints of green from warmer weather, now gone again. Bruiser said Mother Nature was fickle. Beast did not understand fickle. Trotted past unfinished cottages. Past finished cottages. Up to house that Jane called inn. 

Beast did not need lights, but security lights were on. Alex and Eli trusted Beast to know if Beast was safe, but did not trust Jane to live, so littermates had come. They had put up cameras. Beast was on camera and motion sensors. Beast thought about spraying spoor on cameras and chuffed with laughter. But Bruiser was here. Eli and Alex. Family. Beast did not spray cameras.

Beast was nearing front steps when something in mind tore with harsh sound. Beast stopped. Stumbled. Fell to snow. In head, deep in mind, Edmund screamed, “My mistress! Dange—” The sound of his cry was cut off. Was sound of agony. Beast froze, lying in snow. 


About the Author:

FaithHunter author pic

Faith Hunter is the New York Times and USAToday bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series, the Soulwood series, and the Rogue Mage series, as well as the author of 16 thrillers under pen the names Gary Hunter and Gwen Hunter. She has 40+ books in print.

Faith collects orchids and animal skulls, loves thunder storms, and writes. She likes to cook soup, bake homemade bread, garden, and run Class III whitewater rivers. She edits the occasional anthology and drinks a lot of tea. Some days she’s a lady. Some days she ain’t.

For more, see
To keep up with her, like her fan page at Facebook:

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  2. Brenda R. says:

    OMG! The review is great, but that excerpt is quite the cliffhanger!

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  3. ALISHA HENRI says:

    I’m frozen myself after reading the excerpt. It’s chilling, no pun intended. What a great review!

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