Review: Siren’s Song by Karen Chance

Siren's SongAuthor: Karen Chance
Released: September 13th, 2019
Received: Own
Rating: 4 1/2 kitties

Siren’s Song is the latest novella from Karen Chance, and once again we find ourselves diving into the mind of Pritkin (a crowd favorite). This novella takes place during a very specific period of time, happening sometime after Ride the Storm, and before/during Brave the Tempest. It’s also occurring at the same time as Dragon’s Claw (a Dory story). In fact, it’s in the same place and covering the same events, just from Pritkin’s perspective.

John Pritkin is still recovering from the whammy of a spell that killed him and threw him back through time – one that Cassie was able to save him from. But that doesn’t mean he’s allowed any time for bed rest. Not with the life he and his allies live.

Pritkin finds himself in magical Hong Kong, with the whole of the city at risk of collapse, which is so much worse than it sounds. So even though he’s not up for the fight, he’s going to have to put his all into it in order to survive.


“It could have been worse.

It should have been worse.

Then somebody grabbed him.”

Spoiler Warning

Siren’s Song has been greatly anticipated by fans for months. And I’ve got to tell you, after eagerly waiting for any news about it, it absolutely held up. I’ve always enjoyed the Pritkin novellas in this series, and thankfully this one is no exception.

This novella provided a lot of important information about what has been happening to Pritkin the last several books. It also gave us a glimpse at several other moments in his history (before Cassie flipped it upside down, that is). I’m sure fans appreciated seeing those moments as much as I did.

The other great element of this novella, and showing Pritkin’s side of things, was that we got to see some events once again, but from his eyes. The whole battle in magical Hong Kong, for example. Or some of the scenes with Cassie. I’m sure those scenes had fans squealing!

Oh! Did I mention that this novella brings Dory into the mix? We already knew that these two met, because of Dragon’s Claw. But we never really got to see how Pritkin felt about it, or just how aware he was of the whole situation (or how he ended up there, for that matter). Now all of those questions have been answered – and then some. And I couldn’t be happier about the end result.

I’ll confess that his novella did kind of make me want to see the whole series from Pritkin’s perspective. But that’s just greedy of me, isn’t it? To be fair, his viewpoint is vastly different from Cassie, and it’d be interesting to see what a war mage would make of everything that has happened so far.

I’m so ecstatic that Siren’s Song is out, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I read it twice before sitting down to write my review. It was a fun and brilliant read. Not to mention that it certainly helped bridge the gap while waiting for the next Cassie novel (which I think will be out late this year!). Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing more from this world!

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