Review: The House at Cobb End by Karen Chance

The House at Cobb EndAuthor: Karen Chance
Released: November 14th 2011
Received: Own
Rating: 4 1/2 kitties

The House at Cobb End is another one of Karen Chance’s short stories. This one, like many of her other works, fits perfectly into the world of Cassie Palmer. In fact, this short story probably won’t make a whole lot of sense if you haven’t read any of the series up until now.

The House at Cobb End, like I said above, fits into the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance. It also fits into the larger world as a whole. Therefore it can either be considered Cassie Palmer #5.1, or Cassie Palmer World #5.2. Either way, I’d suggest waiting under after Curse the Dawn to read this short story, as it’ll add a lot of context to the situation.

This short story follows Pritkin, though it isn’t set in the same timeline as the rest of the series. Instead, it’s back before Pritkin met Cassie (well, sort of – timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly and all that). The whole focus of the short story is Pritkin’s quest for a new home. And there’s a very specific reason he wants one.

Of course, this is Pritkin we’re talking about, so nothing is easy and certainly it won’t go smoothly for him. Thus we have the tale of The House at Cobb End.

Spoiler Warning

The House at Cobb End is a fun read, especially if you’re a fan of Pritkin. This short story does an excellent job of letting the fans get to see Pritkin without the distractions of Cassie or the chaos she brings along with her.

There are some moments in this story where his character truly gets to shine. Yeah, we’ve seen him fight and be badass plenty before now. But we haven’t had that many opportunities to see him being human. To see his weakness.

And to be honest, those moments were quite possibly the best moments, in my mind. We almost never get to see Pritkin acting vulnerable. And while I do actually enjoy reading about a cranky Pritkin, this does make for a nice change.

And of course the whole Cobb End part of the plot was a blast to read as well. I love the way Karen Chance portrays fae, and the appearance in this short story is no exception.

I’ll confess that the premise of the plot; the part where Pritkin needs to get a house because he’s getting married, rings a sad sort of bell for me. I know what’s going to happen to that marriage, and I know what’s going to happen to Pritkin. So part of me hurts to see the buildup to that moment. I’m sure many other fans can agree.

On a happy note, I’m making good progress of my reread through of the series. And I’ve been so happy to get the chance to read them all again, as I’ve forgotten some amazing moments along the way. Such as Pritkin singing to a fence gate. I wonder what I’ll find next?

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