Review: Boss Witch by Ann Aquirre

Series: Fix-It Witches #2
Author: Ann Aquirre
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Released: April 5, 2022
Received: NetGalley
Warnings: Toxic family members, prejudice

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Eee! It’s time for the second novel in Ann Aquirre’s Fix-It Witches series! Boss Witch is, first and foremost, an entertaining title. It’s also a book I’ve been looking forward to, as I love this sort of casual paranormal romance story.

Clementine Waterhouse is feeling pretty fed up these days. Fed up with the family drama, and emotional blackmail, and now fed up with the threat of witch hunters in their midst. Perhaps that is why she volunteered to be the one to handle the danger.

Enter the hunter, Gavin Rhys. He’s not what one might expect of a witch hunter. For one thing, he hates his job, and the pressure his family (read: his father) constantly drops on him. He’s been in turmoil for a while, but this most recent assignment has him questioning everything.

As a long-time fan of Ann Aquirre’s writing, I’ve been looking forward to the release of Boss Witch for a while now. This light-hearted witchy series has been a delight, creating colorful romantic plots that enchant readers.

Let me just start by saying I love the whole concept of Fix-It Witches – the magical backstory, their specific powers, the setting, everything. It created a foundation for a light and fun story but still allowed for darker undertones (witch hunters, family drama, prejudice, etc.).

I remember enjoying Witch Please when it came out, but now I think Boss Witch is my new favorite of the series. This surprised me, as Danica is my favorite Witch (so far). I don’t dislike Clementine, but her narrative is a bit…firmer. However, her story felt more cohesive, possibly because all the world-building had already been established.

On that note, Boss Witch leans into the family drama but differently from Danica’s story. Clem has to contend with her flighty parents, a nagging (and prejudiced) grandmother, and complications with a cousin. The tone is different, even while core elements stay the same.

It’s interesting to note that Boss Witch occurs before the end of Witch Please. I guess this makes sense, given the revelation that happened at the end of Witch Please. I enjoyed that timing twist, as it felt more grounded than the alternative.

The story is split into two perspectives: Clem and Gavin. At first, this was jarring, but both characters grew on me with time. I wasn’t expecting to like a witch hunter, and I was surprised by how different he seemed from his first introduction. Once we get past that, his story feels more organic.

When I finished reading Boss Witch, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was the end. As I sit down to write this review, I see that another book title has been announced: Extra Witchy. And it looks like we’re switching to a different coven member, keeping that pattern going strong. Can’t wait!

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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