Review: Among Others by Jo Walton

Author: Jo Walton
Publisher: Tor Books
Released: January 18th, 2011
Received: Net Galley
Warnings: Sibling (twin) death

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I received a copy of Among Others through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Among Others as a novel by Jo Walton originally published back in 2011, but has recently gotten some extra attention thanks to it getting a new print edition. Personally, I’m really excited about that fact. I’ve loved Jo Walton ever since I was a teenager, and yet I never read this book. Talk about a great chance to dive back into the works of somebody you adore!

Morwenna Phelps, aka Mori, is a girl who lived in two worlds. The real world, and the world created for her through her greatest love: books. Mori is a girl very much in need of an escape. She may have her mother’s gift to see magic and fairies, but that has never saved her from the darker things in life. Nor did it ever offer her the escape from reality that she so desperately craved.

“There are some awful things in the world, it’s true, but there are also some great books.”

Among Others is an utterly enchanting read. Mori is a fascinating character, and her love of books makes her both approachable and all the more endearing. It opens up her world, and thus her narrative.

This book was everything that I needed it to be. It’s ironic, really. Mori’s escape was found in books (something we can all sympathize with, I’m sure), and I found an escape in her novel. Her story was not what I expected, but it was brilliant nonetheless.

There was a lot to enjoy about this book, not least of which is the way the story unfolded. There was this constant sense of intrigue, thanks to all of the past that had yet been revealed. It added a sense of tension to the story. Something that worked nicely in balance with the adoration of novels expressed.

Speaking of, Jo Walton did not shy away from talking about books. Mori didn’t love imaginary books. She loved real books – books that we all have access to today. That was refreshing. It was so much fun seeing books I loved referenced within these pages. It made Mori’s world come to life, which I’m sure was the intention.

Regardless, Among Others was an absolutely delightful read. I’m so incredibly happy that this novel got another print run, because I somehow managed to completely miss it the first time around. I’m glad that my mistake has now been rectified.

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