Review: Freeing Finch by Ginny Rorby

Freeing Finch by Ginny RorbyAuthor: Ginny Rorby
Publisher: Starscape
Released: October 1st, 2019
Received: NetGalley
Warnings: Bullying, transphobia
Rating: 4 kitties

I received a copy of Freeing Finch through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Freeing Finch comes from the mind that brought us Hurt Go Happy. Ginny Rorby has been known for her stories that seem to touch the hearts of its readers, and Freeing Finch is no exception.

Finch always knew that she was a girl, even from a young age. It didn’t matter what her birth certificate or classmates said. She knew who she was. This is a fact that held true, even as her father left, even as her mother passed away. And even as her stepparents resisted what she fundamentally knew.

Finch also knew that she was going to help and protect the people and animals closest to her heart. For friendship should always be rewarded with friendship. Loyalty with loyalty. It’s the only way to survive a world such as this.


“Absolutely. Hundreds. Thousands, even. You’re what your are in your head and heart, Finch, not what is says on your birth certificate.”

Spoiler Warning

Warnings: Freeing Finch covers a couple of heavier subjects. The biggest of which is bullying, which Finch faces a decent amount of. She has to deal with it from her classmates and at the time her stepparents and other adults as well. Their transphobia bleeds into the way they treat Finch. Also in this novel, there are some animals that do get hurt. But they’ll be okay, I promise.

Freeing Finch was a heartfelt and delightful read. It followed the young Finch on her journey, showing us everything she comes up against. And some of those events were truly horrible and heartbreaking. No child should have to lose their parents in these ways, yet Finch did. And yet she survived and perhaps became even stronger because of it.

This novel was the embodiment of a character driven story. Finch was the focal point of every moment, with her emotions or actions setting a baseline on how the readers should react. It was beautifully written.

This novel is nuanced and oh so emotional. Finch’s struggle was down to earth in the way that many people can relate to – regardless of if they are in the exactly same situation or not. It’s impossible not to feel empathetic to dear Finch.

Ginny Rorby did an absolutely wonderful job with Freeing Finch. I don’t think I’ve had a novel tug at my heartstrings quite like Freeing Finch did. At least, not anytime recently. And for that I know this novel will hold a special place in my heart.


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