Review: Happy Doomsday #1

Happy Doomsday #1Writers: Alexander Zinenko & Igor Zinenko
Artist: Igor Zinenko
Received: Review Request
Rating: Kitty Rating

I received a copy of Happy Doomsday #1 in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Happy Doomsday, as you might expect, is about the events following a global disaster. Through a series of events, the Earth is now located farther away from the sun, which brings with it the expected events and disasters. But…that’s not the only disaster hitting the earth, now is it? Like a perfect line of dominoes, cataclysms have been set into motion.

Now that we have set the scene, let’s talk about this series. Or at least, about the first issue. Happy Doomsday #1 is one of the most unique and entertaining reads I’ve had come across my desk this year – and I sincerely mean that. This issue amused me from start to finish, and on the whole, I feel like it really got my sense of humor (which is always a delight, if I may say so).

There’s a certain level of irony in reading this issue now, but trust me: it is not a downer. The first plot arc, Breach In Reality sucked me right in, and brought about a surprising number of laughs, especially given how dire the situation on earth has become.

Happy Doomsday #1 pg1

Happy Doomsday #1 was a highly diverting read, one with a wicked sense of humor. If you’ve ever wanted to see a series that showcased a theoretical Doomsday while maintaining the ability to make you chuckle, then this is the one for you.

Written by Alexander Zinenko and Igor Zinenko, this series is already proving to be a breath of fresh air. The tongue-in-cheek humor will put a smile on your face – it certainly did for me. We’re immediately introduced to one of the leading characters, Oliver. His story is nothing like you might expect, and that makes it all the better.

Honestly? I found the entire issue to be refreshing. It was fun to read, not taking itself too seriously yet still very well written. Oliver’s character added the needed comic relief, while Sophie’s character added that sense of survivalism you’d expect in a doomsday plot. It was a fantastic combination.

Happy Doomsday #1 pg2

Another element that was brilliant about Happy Doomsday #1 is the artwork. Igor Zinenko was the writer, as well as being one of the artists. His bright colors sold the plot, and overall enhanced the mood. Yet he also proved his capability at the same time. Multiple tones were present, as were a variety of different scenes, from disasters to the banal. It all made for a feast for the eyes, and I loved it.

I especially loved the sense of motion and the almost comedic take on foreshadowing portrayed through the artwork. These scenes could easily have gone either way, and yet somehow they’ve managed to merge multiple moods together to create something new.

One other detail I loved about the visual spectrum for Happy Doomsday #1? The ability to tell parts of the story non-verbally. There were so many details, scenes, and other additions that were thoroughly enhanced by this artistic style.

Happy Doomsday #1 pg3

Overall, I’m seriously impressed with Happy Doomsday #1, and perhaps am even a little bit in love with it. When I was looking into it, I saw that it was described as being perfect for fans of Futurama, Supernatural, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Being a fan of all those series, and now this one as well, I can confirm the veracity of that statement. Happy Doomsday is very much a merging of all those themes, and thus will really be perfect for those fans.

I also actually kind of love the timing for this series. The whole humor about the apocalypse, it made everything feel less dire. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I loved it so much. Regardless, I highly recommend this series to anybody looking for a little bit of light and laughter in their lives.

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