Throwback Thursday: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Author: Douglas Adams
Format: Audiobook
Read by: Martin Freeman
Released: October 12th 1980
Rating: 4.5 Kitties

The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy continues its absurd tale in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and don’t worry, it’ll hold up to your expectations formed by the first novel. This isn’t my first time reading the series, it is however my first time listening to the audiobooks, and I’ve got to say it is such an experience! I highly recommend giving it a try, whether it’s your first or hundredth read through.

All of our favorite characters are back for round two, as well as the introduction of a bunch of new secondary characters to gap and laugh at. It’s a blast all around, and one I think everyone should experience at least once.

I always forget how this novel begins, which is actually quite wonderful, because it never fails to shock and amuse me. I sincerely believe that The Restaurant at the End of the Universe probably has the best intro of the series, but then again maybe I’m forgetting all the other good intros! I guess I’ll have to keep reading/listening my way through the series to be sure.

There were so many highlights during this novel, it makes me wish all over again that the movie had gotten a sequel or two (simply because that was quite well done, and I’d love to see some of these scenes on the big screen). I know there’s some hope/talk about turning this series into a TV show, so cross your fingers and toes (and hope they pick a good director!).

Listening to the audiobook format of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is really quite an experience. I didn’t think I could possibly enjoy this novel more (except of course it was turned into a movie of similar quality to The Hitchhiker’s Guide), but I was wrong. Having Martin Freemen do the reading was the cherry on top. Hearing his interpretations for each character was actually pretty interesting. In some ways I think I like his impression of Zaphod better than the one I pictured; he’s still a party boy type, but he’s got a rougher and more callous edge to him that is actually shockingly accurate. Of course you can imagine how he portrayed Arthur; at least you can if you’ve seen the movie.

I’m looking forward to listening to Life, the Universe, and Everything, especially since it is also read by Martin Freemen. In fact, I think I’ll go start that one now…



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  1. bellawilfer7 says:

    Was Martin Freeman reading this on Audible?

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