Throwback Thursday: Megatokyo, Volume 2

Megatokyo Vol 2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Released: January 21st 2004
Received: Own
Rating: 3.5

So here’s week two of my (re)read through of Megatokyo. As a reminder, this is actually an older webcomic series (and its worth checking out online, promise). It’s interesting to read an older series like this. For one thing it’s fun to see what I do and don’t remember about the series (as it turns out apparently I remember more about Ping’s plot than Largo’s). It’s also been interesting to see the older references, and what has and hasn’t held up to the test of time (okay, a smell test, to be sure, but still).

Megatokyo Volume two contains both chapters one and two in the series (confusing, I know; just remember that volume one had chapter zero/the prologue). It doesn’t have quite the same format as the first volume; the page style had changed by this point, so they didn’t need to fill in the awkward blank space on each page this time around. There is still a ton of extras included in the back; miscellaneous comics, sketches, finished artworks, artwork stand-ins (for days when the webcomic didn’t update on time), that sort of thing.

Spoiler Warning

Volume two shows us that Ping and Largo are still trapped in Japan, which considering their spending habits isn’t really all that surprising. The cast has been steadily growing, though I believe we’re reaching the leveling out point for that. At the end of volume one Ping and Largo had been put into an even worse situation than before; they were trapped in Japan and made homeless (because the guy that had been crashing with left for the states – irony).

This volume really takes it a step further in showing us the differences between Ping and Largo. While Ping has found himself a steady job (mostly by accident, if we’re being honest here) and by proxy a place to live; Largo has been running around Japan chasing evil (AKA a schoolgirl that dresses in goth clothing; granted there’s more to her than meets the eye).

The love triangle that was hinted at in the first volume develops a little further here, as does the chaos that seems to follow Largo everywhere he goes. I don’t remember all of the characters as much as I would like, so it’s been interesting to get a refresher on all of them. I wonder if my favorites will be different this time around?

Despite the humor being relevant at the time it was written (and thus a bit outdated now) there were times where I found myself literally laughing out loud. That’s always a refreshing feeling for me, and one I greatly appreciated.

This is a pretty cute, funny, and lighthearted series on the whole. It’s been a wonderful change of pace, to go back and read something like this. Far too often I find myself immersed in series that are quite heavy. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day, this may be a good pick for you.



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