Throwback Thursday: Y: The Last Man Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons

Y: The Last Man Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons

Publisher: Vertigo
Released: November 22nd 2006
Received: Own
Issues: 43-48
Rating: 4 kitty rating

I can’t believe how close we’re getting to the end of Y: The Last Man. I’ve just completed the eighth volume (I know, I’m insanely behind), and I’m still not sure how they’re going to end this series. I’m a bit worried it’ll be a ‘rocks fall and everyone dies’ sort of ending, but I have hope that it won’t end like that.

I’ll confess after reading the last volume (which was mostly full of short stories and not all that impressive, all things considered), but it seems like my fears have been for naught (thank goodness!). While we’re looking at the bright side of things, I’d like to point out that the writers and artists have stayed the same, which is a huge relief for me (I always worry about style changes halfway through a long-ish series).

Spoiler Warning

This volume lives up to the title (Kimono Dragons) and is really fasted paced on the whole; especially when compared to the last volume. It’s clear that there’s been a bit of a time jump in the main story (further proof that the last volume was mostly short stories being told out of order), as Yorick’s hair has gotten mighty long (it actually looks pretty nice, especially with the mascara he’s wearing…but I don’t think he’d appreciate me telling him that).

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been a nervous wreck the last few volumes waiting to see if Ampersand is okay, and if so, where the heck he is. This volume finally (finally!) gives us some answers on that front. We also get more background on Dr. Mann, which I sort of knew was incoming (there’s no way she isn’t involved in the bigger picture here, even if Yorick is too blind to see that). There aren’t any new Beth sightings, so I’m still feeling conflicted about what’s going to happen to her (I have concerns she’ll not make it to the end of the series, or if she does she won’t be the Beth that Yorick fell in love with).

There are a lot of heavy moments in this volume, some of which the series absolutely needed to continue moving forward. Others are also necessary, but depending on your fondness for flashbacks they may be more annoying than revealing. Most notably Allison Mann and Alter; I wasn’t crazy about either, but they weren’t bad either (I think I was just anxious to get back to the main plot at the time those stories were introduced).

While we don’t see their backstories, we also learn a bit about Dr. Mann’s mother (she’s alive, believe it or not) and Rose. Needless to say this volume is a bit Allison heavy, but considering how involved she may or may not have been in the creation of this whole disaster, I feel like it was about time for that.

I am so relieved that Ampersand is alive and safe, and finally back with Yorick. I also find it exceptionally fitting that he’s terrified of the females of his species (okay, I can’t actually say that he’s afraid of all females, but he sure is afraid of the one). It was a moment of humor that was very much needed after everything we witnessed.

I’m getting really anxious to see how this series ends. I’d typically put off reading the last two volumes for a month or two (because I’m a coward), but I’m going to push forward and try to finish the last two next week. We’ll see how much they make me cry!

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