Throwback Thursday: Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl

Y the last man vol 6

Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Released: October 2005
Received: Own
Issues: 32-36
Rating: 4 kitty rating

Volume six continues the tale that Brian K. Vaughn and the rest of the creative team have started, and thankfully they’re all still here! If you haven’t read any of Y: the Last Man I strongly urge you to stop reading this review and instead check out the first volume.

This volume also surpasses the halfway point of the series; which means there’s still quite a bit left (well, four volumes if you want to get technical). I wonder what revelations will occur in the next few? I’m still not sure how this series will end. I could see it being on either a happy or a devastating note, depending on the authors’ mood (anybody that’s read Vaughn’s previous works will know how much he enjoys punching us in the emotional gut).

Spoiler Warning

This one starts out a bit on the odd side – with Yorick trapped inside a box. Yes, Yorick the escape artist got himself trapped. Figures, doesn’t it? Still, it certainly earned a chuckle from me. And if I’m being honest here, anytime this series can get me to laugh is a good moment, considering how heavy it can be at times.

Quite a lot happens in this volume, which surprised me a bit, since it’s a little on the smaller side (it’s considerably thinner than volume five). There’s pirates, navy submarines, a couple of new character introductions (given the series I don’t know how long they’ll last…but still), a love triangle/mess, innuendos, and an appearance made by Beth (no, Yorick isn’t in Australia yet, we just see her perspective for a few moments).

I can’t believe how long Ampersand out been out of the series – I know it hasn’t been that long relatively speaking, but I miss him. Not to mention the whole concern about him being the only cure/preventative for what happened to all the men. Hopefully they find him sooner rather than later! And when they do find him, he’ll have a girlfriend of his own. It’s nice to think about at least one species surviving this whole ordeal.

I love that 355 and Dr. Mann were given some character development time; and may I say about time (for what happened that is, not the character development bit – though I think Dr. Mann could use some more, and it appears that may come in the next volume?). Though I’ll confess I felt like Yorick was being a total child and little prat about the whole thing – it isn’t his place to judge (nor does he have a right to, considering some of the things he’s done). That bit made me like him a little less, admittedly, but he was never my favorite character to begin with, so I’m actually okay with that.

Something one of the characters said really struck me; “It figures. An entire planet of women, and the one guy gets to be the lead.” I honestly don’t think the series intended to be sexist in this manner (if anything, they were trying to prove how the two genders are more similar than we realize) but it is still a shockingly accurate statement. At least they were self-aware enough to be able to poke fun at themselves about it. Does that make it less of an issue, or more? I’m not really sure.

I can’t wait to see what happens in volume seven (Paper Dolls). I know their quest has been sidetracked with the kidnapping of Ampersand, but I’m thinking the next volume will put everything back in order? At least in theory. That would give the team two additional volumes with which to sort out the other open plots, which sounds about perfect.

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