Review: The Black Tide (Outcast #3) by Keri Arthur

The Black Tide (Outcast #3) by Keri Arthur


Publisher:KA Publishing
Released: December 5th 2017
Received: Own
Warnings: Child experimentation, Child death
Rating: 4 kitty rating


The Black Tide is the third (and sadly final) novel in the Outcast series. If you’ve read any of Keri Arthur’s other works (I’ll confess that I absolutely need to read more of her writing) then you already have a good idea of what her style is. For those that haven’t read this series yet, I strongly advise that you go back to the first novel (City of Light), as reading them out of order will not make a lot of sense (I’m sure this is probably pretty obvious for most though).

What I love in particular about the Outcast series is that it’s a blend of both science fiction and fantasy. Sure at times it’ll lean more one way than the other, but the final outcome is a pleasant mixture that’ll keep you on your toes throughout the whole series.

Spoiler Warning

The Black Tide

Warnings first: As with the first two novels there are instances where children are being experimented on in labs. Like before, Tiger does everything she can to help find and rescue these kids, but there are limits. Some children (both named and unnamed characters) do not survive the process that was done to them.

I can’t get over everything that happened in this novel, which for the record was quite a lot. The entire plot that’s been building up for the past two books got fully resolved, as did most, if not all of the subplots that came up in that time. It was a fast paced ride and I’m sad to see it end, and not because I was disappointed in the way it ended, more the fact that there isn’t any more for me to read.

The Black Tide wastes no time throwing you right into the thick of things; with Tiger already on a dangerous mission within the first paragraph of the book. From there Tiger gets very little time to rest and us along with her (who can put down a book when the scenes are that intense, knowing full well there’s another scene like that on the horizon).  I honestly read this entire book in one sitting, as I couldn’t put it down, I just had to see what happened next (trust me, I tried to take a break and I found myself thinking about it again and again until I caved and picked it right back up).

It was interesting seeing how everything folded together in the end, and the solutions the characters came up with the counter the villains. I can honestly say that while I loved the solution, I sincerely wasn’t expecting what happened. While there are a couple of named character deaths (I won’t say which ones, that’s on you to read and find out), I actually understand and even agree with the reasons for them; they’re not the “rocks fall and everyone dies” sort of deaths that can happen at the end of a series. These deaths carry weight and give the ending that much more meaning.

I have to say that I’m actually really sad to see this series end. While I appreciate that Keri Arthur didn’t drag the plot out further than necessary, I would have been happy to see another novel or two for this series. Perhaps we’ll luck out and get a spin off or two? In the meantime I suppose I should go ahead and read through the rest of Keri Arthur’s series, as I’m sure I’m missing out on quite a lot.



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