Star Wars: Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma

Publisher: Marvel
Release: November 28th 2017
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating

From the minds of Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, Jem and the Holograms, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps) and Marco Checchetto (Avengers World, Punisher, Gamora) comes Captain Phasma. This volume tells us what happened to our shiny captain after she was shoved into the trash compactor during The Force Awakens (confession time: I totally thought they had actually crushed her in there, so happy she’s alive!).

Spoiler Warning

Fans who have read the novel Phasma will appreciate the references dropped throughout this short series (though for the record you do not need to have read the book to understand what is occurring during this volume). It is only four issues long, so it is a very quick read.

While I love Captain Phasma’s character, I’m not going to pretend I think she’s a good person either. This volume shows us Phasma planting the blame from the events in The Force Awakens (where Finn and team made her use her codes to shut down the shielding) on the only person that knew what she had done. Pretty brilliant actually, though very harsh; which is basically what I’ve come to expect from her.

Those that have read Phasma (and if you haven’t, please do! It’s amazing) will understand just how ruthless Phasma can be when it comes to covering up her pasts, so one can only imagine what she would do to hide a mistake of hers. Despite this I was still a little surprised by the turn of events in this volume. For some reason I kept expecting somebody to step in and do something (well, somebody other than Phasma that is). So emotionally I was a bit torn up about that, though I still can’t deny that it was a good read, as I greatly enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.

I honestly think my favorite part about this mini-series was the artwork. It’s absolutely stunning. Marco Checcetto uses these exquisite shades of blues and teals in his aquascapes, of which there’s no shortage of in this volume. The artwork, for lack of a better description is so rich in color and detail, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

In a way I’m almost sad that this was a mini-series, instead of the start of a more long term series focusing on Phasma. But I’ll take what I can get! I can’t wait to see the Last Jedi to see how this all fits together.


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