Throwback Thursdays: Runaways Vol. 9: Dead Wrong

Runaways Vol 9


Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 21st 2009
Received: Own
Issues: Runaways (2008) 1-6
Rating: 3.5


Terry Moore takes over writing for the Runaways, throwing new twists and developments at the kids left and right. After reading Vaughan’s writing for so long, and then getting a short stint with Wheeden, I’m hoping that we’ll get some more stability again. Author-wise that is, not plot wise! I have no doubt that stability is not in sight for the Runaways.
Spoiler Warning

Karolina becomes to focus of volume nine’s plot, with the last of her race, the Majesdanians (try saying that ten times fast) blaming her for the destruction of their planet and race. They seek to bring her to justice (by which we of course mean revenge, since there’s no way it was actually her fault – they merely want somebody to hurt like they’re hurting). The Runaways naturally want to keep Karolina from giving herself up (her natural reaction to stop the fighting), but are having trouble working together thanks to a couple mishaps. I won’t give away the ending, but I have to say, I was sincerely not expecting what happened at the end. Clearly Terry Moore isn’t afraid about hitting the reader right in gut emotionally. The conclusion (and implication from the conclusion) is heavy and somber.

A lot of other little things happen as well of course, including (but not limited to) the impossible: Chase getting a job. Admittedly there’s totally something hinky going on with his boss (which becomes pretty obvious right away), but I don’t know where that’ll lead just yet. Hopefully volume ten will reveal those details. Honestly though, outside of the Karolina plot a lot of it just felt like filler. Nothing really moves forward or changes dramatically.

While reading, I find myself asking some questions; such as, how is Klara adjusting so well? Are children really that flexible to change, or is there something special about her? Or is it simply that this life is so much better for her that she’s willing to take anything in stride at that point? Speaking of questions though, Nico and Victor never really talked about what happened. I keep expecting it to happen, but it never does. Are we just not acknowledging it happened? Or is Victor trying to keep himself alive by not bringing it up to Nico (not a bad call)?

Despite my questions (or maybe because of) I’m looking forward to reading volume ten. I’m almost caught up! Two volumes left (not counting any “side quests” that occur).




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