Romulus Vol. 1

Romulus Vol 1


Publisher: Image
Released: July 12th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: Romulus 1-4
Rating: 3 kitty rating


Romulus was an impulse buy for me, I just saw it, loved the cover, and thought it had an interesting concept so I decided to give it a try. I’ve heard of both the writer (Bryan Hill from Postal) and the artist (Nelson Blake II from Magdelena) previously, so that was another pro in Romulus’ corner.

Spoiler Warning

Ashlar is the last of the wolves, and even though she was raised and trained by the Order of Romulus, she now fights against them. Why? Romulus tricked her people, they tricked everyone. They’re the type of organization that acts like a wolf in sheep’s clothing (an ironic comparison, when you think about it). They had her mother killed. Need I say more?

Unfortunately Ashlar is still too untrained and undisciplined to take them on and have any chance of winning (it was touched on lightly in the comics, but it appears that she was actually hoping to fail and die, so at least that way it would all be over). Ashlar makes a few friends (can I call them that? They’re more than acquaintances, but how much more?) that wish to help her with her cause, no matter the danger.

I really wanted to love this series; but honestly I lost quite a bit of interest in it once they introduced the Illuminati as an actual (though mostly dead) organization. I know I can be pretty fussy about a lot of things, and the Illuminati is one of them. I honestly feel that if you’re not willing to represent them correctly, just don’t do it.

Ironically my favorite character was probably shown the least (but that isn’t exactly out of the norm for me), Killian. I felt his character was interesting and understated; a perfect balance to Ashlar’s character.

On the whole while I found this story interesting, I’m not sure it was interesting enough to hold my attention in the long run. So I probably won’t continue reading the series. Though I don’t regret reading it, so if you’re looking for an action-oriented story that has orders and Illuminati in it, this may be the graphic novel for you.



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