She-Hulk Vol. 1: Deconstructed

She Hulk Vol 1


Publisher: Marvel
Released: July 25th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: Hulk 1-6
Rating: 4 kitty rating


The events in Deconstructed take place after Civil War II, which should give you an idea of what Jennifer Walters has already gone through to reach this point. If you haven’t read Civil War II you could probably still read Deconstructed and understand it just fine (as it does explain a lot of why she’s upset), but be aware that you’ll obviously get spoilers for it.

Spoiler Warning

I really loved this series; the author did such a good job of making She-Hulk human – which she is, but considering how easy it is for people to forget that, it was an important element. Especially with what happened to Banner and the fallout from it. Jennifer’s pain and suffering is real and believable, and you just can’t help but feel bad for her and want to help her in some way (which I think it why I love Bradley, her assistant).

Deconstructed shows us how much damage emotional trauma can do to a person. It shows us that no matter how much we want to lock it away, we just can’t hide from our past or what has happened to us. It was really very deep and meaningful, and I’m glad the author chose to touch on it for us.

I should probably mention that I haven’t read any other She-Hulk series (it’s on the list, I swear), so I can’t say if this sort of theme is normal for her or not, but if it is, I’m sold. I’ve always felt that super-hero comics often lack the more human elements such as pain and struggling (not in a battle, but in your own head), and She-Hulk managed to get both that and the stereotypical super-hero (sorry, heroine) parts both into one well blended and balanced comic.



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