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It’s that time again! Time for another fun Book Tag. I found this one over at Zezee with Books, and it sounds like my cup of tea! Yes, I know – I’m not actually tagged on this post; I just really want to do it!

3 Read Once and Loved Authors

Ilona Andrews 

Ilona Andrews is actually two authors – Ilona and Andrew Gordon. I fell in love with their writing back when I first found Magic Bites. Now I always grab their new books – I didn’t even need to read the description to know I was hooked.

Hafsah Faizel 

Is there such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to books? If so, consider me in love. I loved We Hunt the Flame, and that single read was enough to put Hafsah Faizel in my ‘auto-buy category.

C.E. Murphy

C.E. Murphy is my third and final pick (let me tell you, stopping at three was TOUGH). I only needed to read one of her books (Urban Shaman) to know that I would love everything she wrote. Since I discovered her Walker Papers rather late in the series, I legit read Urban Shaman and then went out and bought the rest. That probably says enough on its own.

3 Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read

The Wizard of Oz

Yeah, hard to believe, but I’ve never actually read the Wizard of Oz! Granted, I’ve read several retellings, which may or may not make the whole situation all the more peculiar. I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

The Devil Wears Prada

I had to dig through my memories to figure out what other movies/shows I’ve watched but never read the books for…I tend to be a bit of a readaholic and thus will happily read any book, especially if I loved the movie! However, I never did get around to read The Devil Wears Prada. I even have it (and the sequel) sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to pick it up.

Fight Club

I’ve seen Fight Club dozens of times, and yet I’ve never actually sat down to read the book. Admittedly, that’s partially because I’m concerned that the book will be even more graphic, which might make it too much for me.

3 Characters You Love

Bexley Lightborne

Lightborne (The Bexley Chronicles #1) by Brini Quinn

Bexley Lightborne is from Brindi Quinn’s Lightborn series, and she is such a positive and powerful character. She quickly became one of my favorites, and I enjoyed reading about her bopping around and saving the day.


There are a lot of reasons to love Deku. For me, it goes beyond his desire to be a hero (though that is a good enough reason to like him). I adore how kind and caring he is. He is very much the embodiment of the ideal hero for me, as he is doing it for all the right reasons.


So, we all knew that I would include at least one cat on this list, right? Tybalt is one of my favorite characters from the October Daye series. He’s King of the Court of Cats, a Cait Sidhe, and he somehow manages to be sardonic and sincere in the same sentence.

3 Series Binged


So, it has been a hot minute since I read any of the Redwall books, but I still think they deserve a spot on this list. I remember blasting through all of the Redwall books when I found them, and I think they’re part of the reason why I love expansive fantasy series so much.

Rosemary and Rue

October Daye

Since I already mentioned the series once, let’s go ahead and do so again. I joined the October Daye train rather late in the series. I think it was at book eight (maybe nine?) by the time I got involved. This means I read through those eight (or nine) books in a hurry! It was so worth it, and I recommend the series to any fae fans out there.

Surviving the Evacuation

One day a friend of mine suggested the Surviving the Evacuation series by Frank Tayell. It’s a zombie series that goes into incredible detail. Anyway, she offered to lend me her copies, and man, did I devour them! I actually ended up buying my own copies so I could go back and read them again.

3 Current Favorite Book Covers

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Just when I told myself that I wasn’t going to get any more editions of this book, the one-year anniversary edition gets announced. Not only do I love it, but I think it’s my favorite so far. So yeah, I’m weak.

Beneath the Sugar Sky

Beneath the Sugar Sky

I’m not ashamed to admit that Beneath the Sugar Sky is my favorite because the colors are SO intense and beautiful. While all of the covers for the Wayward Children series have amazing covers, this is always the one my eyes are drawn to.

This Poison Heart

At this point in time, I have a few books with reversible dust jackets. However, it’s never really been something that caught my attention. Or tempted me to flip the jacket around. Not until This Poison Heart. My OwlCrate copy is stunning, and I am so completely in love with it.

3 Bookish Goals for the Year

  1. Read more NetGalley books. My feedback ratio is currently sitting pretty at 82%, but I really want to get it closer to 90% before the year is out. This is a big ask, though, as I need to review around 15 books to move it a single percent. Yeah. It’s bad.
  2. Make some time to read the series I’ve meant to get caught up on. I have a list of series that I’ve been trying to either get into or get caught up on, but lately, I haven’t been making even a tiny dent on that list. I’m hoping to change that soon!
  3. I want to start reading more indie books. So if you have any recommendations, feel free to reach out!

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  1. Zezee says:

    I love that Addie LaRue cover too! Would love to get one of the nice ones but kinda want to borrow and read the book first to make sure I like it…so worth the buy.
    But since you already love it, you should totally get it!! 😀

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