Review: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 5: Worst Among Equals

Doctor Aphra Vol 5Publisher: Marvel
Released: June 25th, 2019
Received: Own
Issues: Doctor Aphra 26-31
Rating: 4 kitties

Doctor Aphra is back, and once again she just keeps finding herself in worse and worse situations. It seems like no plan of hers will ever go smoothly. But it does make for an interesting read for the rest of us!

Doctor Aphra Vol. 5 is titled Worst Among Equals, and it’s probably my favorite title so far. And in many ways, it fits her relationship with Triple Zero perfectly. This volume has six issues in it, but the first one is going to feel more like a one-shot at first. It does become relevant later. It’s just not told in order.

This volume picks up where The Catastrophe Con left off. Meaning that she’s been connected to Triple Zero – who is no longer all that fond of her – via a set of bombs that will detonate if either one gets too far away from the other. Not exactly an ideal situation, is it?

Spoiler Warning

Worst Among Equals is one of those volumes that had me all over the place, emotionally. The beginning at me a bit confused, because it didn’t fit in with the cliffhanger of the last volume. The middle was entertaining, but surprisingly emotional. And the ending had me rushing to my computer to see if and when the next issue was coming out.

The first issue in this volume was very entertaining. I can totally see Aphra pulling a con like that one. And for once, it seems like it almost went according to plan. That never really happens for her, does it?

The rest of this volume is focused on one major plot. And you can probably guess what that is; trying to remove or shut off the bombs that have been implanted in both Aphra and Triple Zero. This was a whirlwind story, even though the threats from Trip were slightly lessened because of the situation (he can’t exactly kill Aphra, when her death would result in his own).

I really enjoyed the storytelling style used in this volume. It may have been a little heavy handed at times, but we’re talking about fighting the Empire. A lit bit of heavy-handedness is totally fine and acceptable. And honestly, it went a long way in humanizing Aphra. Her humanity has been in question as of late, so I think that was a vital focus this time around.

The perspective shifts did help to tell all sides of this story. And on the whole, it did enhance the plot. I’m not sure there would have been so much raw emotion if not for that. Then again, Aphra did and said a lot this volume. So the emotional element was pretty strong to begin with.

I legitimately freaked out at the conclusion of this volume. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough. But man, did I need confirmation that the series wasn’t over. Because, honestly? I could see the series ending like this. It isn’t exactly a high note, but in a way Aphra had an actual chance to make decisions for herself. And she also got a chance at redemption.

All those factors worried me into thinking they were wrapping up the series. Thankfully, that doesn’t actually seem to be the case. Which is good, because I’m not ready to say goodbye to this little troublemaker just yet.

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