Confessions of a Bookaholic: My Goodreads TBR List is Out of Control

Confessions of a Bookaholic

Hello, my name is Cat. And I’m here to talk today about my completely out of control TBR list on Goodreads.

When I first signed up for Goodreads, it seemed like the best thing I’d ever seen. It would (and does) keep track of all the books I’ve read. It helps prevent me from buying a book I already own (sometimes I get a little excited and forget that I already bought a book and put it on my TBR pile). It jobs my memory of a book I’ve already read. And it even gives me a yearly goal to work towards, amazing right?

It also keeps track of the books I want to read. At first, this was amazing. I added a book here and there that I wanted to read, with the full and honest intent that I would go back to the list for a nice reminder. Sort of a way to pick out what I should read next, right?

It sounded ideal, and honestly, I’m sure it works for a lot of people out there. But it does not work for me.

My Goodreads TBR list is…let’s see…it’s currently 1530 books and counting. Um. Even if I read all day, every day, I’m fairly certain I would never get through that list. In fact, the list itself is so unwieldy it’s almost not even worth looking at! I feel awful, but I just don’t have the energy to go and clean that list up.

Goodreads TBR

I know I should. It’d be nice to have one organized location to keep track of all the books I want to read. The problem is all of those books ended up on that list through good intent – because I did (and probably still do, for most of them) want to read them.

Goodreads TBR

At this point I think my Goodreads TBR list is a lost cause. That’s okay. But it does mean I’ll need to figure out another system for myself. I’ve seen TBR Jars and other cute ideas like that. That could work, and it would allow for a truly random way to get through my list.

An alternative would be for me to make a new list on Goodreads. I’d have to be strict about it though, perhaps only putting the books I have in my possession on the list? Because otherwise it’ll just get out of control again, and that would once again completely defeat the purpose of this practice.


Tell me I’m not the only one out there with a list as insane as this. There’s no way I’m the only one. Heck, there’s no way I’m the worst one out there.

Regardless, I’ve really got to figure out a new system for myself. I’ll take some time and think on it. Maybe try out a method or two. Any suggestions?


About Liz (AKA Cat)

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, reader, and much more. While my photography blog is feeling a bit neglected at the moment, the other sites I'm involved in are going strong. ✧I review books, comics, and basically anything else in the literary world over at Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks (of Books). ✧I review comics and books, as well as write content for Word of the Nerd. ✧I review comics for Monkeys Fighting Robots. ✧I write content for Screen Rant and CBR. ✧I write book reviews for The Review Crew.
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5 Responses to Confessions of a Bookaholic: My Goodreads TBR List is Out of Control

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    Hi Cat. I am totally in there with you. I have so many books on my tbr list that I will never ever be without something to read. I have a large list on goodreads, on my kindle, and actual books that I own. And, of course, I still want to buy more!! Can you say addicted, lol!! Please know you are not alone!! Following! 🙂

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  2. Rachael says:

    My want to read list (323) isn’t small nor is it reliable. I have authors in there I don’t like anymore and I’ve skipped loads of new books from authors I do like. I don’t add everything and some I’ll never read out of pure laziness lmao.

    KonMari method will probably work here.

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    • I know what you mean! That’s basically my problem as well. I’m just too lazy to go in there and clean it up (mostly because I know it’ll only be a matter of time before it’s a total mess again). Glad I’m not the only one!


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