Review: I like Art: Impressionism by Margaux Stanitsas

I like art Impressionism

Publisher: Xist Publishing
Author: Margaux Stanitsas
Released: March 1st 2018
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 4 kitty rating

I received I like Art: Impressionism from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The I Like Art series is designed to make art history approachable for all audiences, but especially for children. This particular book focuses on the art style of Impressionism. It does a wonderful job of explaining the basics for the art style; the key points that separate it from other styles, the leading artists of the time, and how the movement ultimately ended up affecting or creating other styles of art.

The artists focused on in this novel include Eduard Manet and Claude Monet. There are plenty of other artists to discover and learn about of course, but these two are a great start. Hopefully reading about these two artists will get you (or your child) looking into to other artists of the Impressionist period.

At the end of the book there’s even a little section called “your turn” which encourages children to make their own Impressionist painting. It includes some basic questions to get them started (what will the painting be of? What time of day will it be? Etc). This is actually a really cute idea, and I’m glad they included it.



About Liz

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, graphic designer, and much more. I love to create art, and am willing to try and artistic technique at least once. I am particularly fond of artworks involving a lot of emotion and color. The purpose of my blog is for me to be open and honest with myself and the world about my attempts to grow as an artist. The facts: My favorite color is constantly changing, so don’t worry about trying to keep up with that! I’m in my 20’s, married, and looking to find the perfect job for me (ideally something that can involve my creativity or my love of animals). I have 6 cats (If we’re being technical, I have 2 cats and my parents have 4), a bearded dragon, a parakeet, and two betas. I adore all of them, and they frequently are my photography models. My blog will primarily be consisting of my 365 (366) photography project, updated daily (hopefully). I’m also working on a 52 weeks project, where I try a new type of photography style or technique each week. That will be updated as the photos are processed.
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